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Seacoast Vitamins-Direct 14-Day FREE Trial
 Seacoast Vitamins-Direct 14-Day FREE Trial.
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Seacoast Vitamins
Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol
 Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol. (80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase)
From $63.75 
Seacoast Natural Health
Iberogast Herbal Supplement
 Iberogast Herbal Supplement. (3.4oz)
From $26.99 
36% Off
Medical Futures Inc
Bone Renewal
 Bone Renewal. (150 capsules)
Less than $44.94 
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The Synergy Company
 GH3. (Gerovital) 60 tabs
From $16.96 
20% Off
Tierra Mega Nutrients
Arnica Montana 30X
 Arnica Montana 30X. (250 tablets)
From $7.63 
6% Off
Boericke & Tafel
Ozonated Organic Olive Oil Unscented
 Ozonated Organic Olive Oil Unscented. (2 oz)
From $13.99 
17% Off
IP6 Gold with Inositol
 IP6 Gold with Inositol. (240 caps)
Less than $39.96 
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IP6 International
DAO Histamine Digester with Bioflavonoids
 DAO Histamine Digester with Bioflavonoids. (60 capsules)
Less than $29.96 
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Liquid Daily Multi Plus
 Liquid Daily Multi Plus. (36 oz)
From $18.71 
13% Off
Seacoast Vitamins
ProOmega-D Liquid
 ProOmega-D Liquid. (8 fl oz)
Less than $62.00 
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Nordic Naturals
Pure Hawaiian Spirulina
 Pure Hawaiian Spirulina. (1000mg|180 tablets)
Less than $22.39 
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Nutrex Hawaii
RAW Organic Meal
 RAW Organic Meal. (Chocolate 1212 gr)
Less than $41.97 
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Garden of Life
ProOmega Liquid
 ProOmega Liquid. (4 fl.oz.)
Less than $35.66 
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Nordic Naturals
BetaMax 500 mg
 BetaMax 500 mg. (60 caps)
From $25.49 
40% Off
Chisolm Biological Laboratory
 SerraPhase. (90 tabs)
Less than $29.95 
Priced too low to show!
Sedona Labs
Alo Lan Cream
 Alo Lan Cream. (4 oz)
From $5.96 
Seacoast Vitamins
IP6 Gold Inositol Powder
 IP6 Gold Inositol Powder. (14.6oz)
Less than $59.96 
Priced too low to show!
IP6 International
Nat Phos
 Nat Phos. . 6X
From $8.29 
21% Off
Probiotics For Life
 Probiotics For Life. (30 vcaps)
From $23.46 
33% Off
BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin
 BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin. (12 mg - 50 gelcaps)
From $23.78 
30% Off
Nutrex Hawaii
 ProOmega. (180 softgels)
Less than $59.46 
Priced too low to show!
Nordic Naturals
Bonita V Advanced Formula for Hair Skin Nails
 Bonita V Advanced Formula for Hair Skin Nails. (30 tablets)
From $16.96 
20% Off
Essential Source
Phenocane Curcumin
 Phenocane Curcumin. (120 capsules)
From $31.45 
31% Off
 Glycotrol. (180 capsules)
Less than $59.98 
Priced too low to show!
 ProOmega-D. (180 SGels)
Less than $62.86 
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Nordic Naturals
 Phenocane. (Curcumin) (60 capsules)
From $15.73 
33% Off
Curamin Extra Strength
 Curamin Extra Strength. (120 tablets)
Less than $67.16 
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Vitalzym Systemic Enzymes Vitalzym Systemic Enzyme Supplement. Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Amla, and Serrapeptase. Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Enteric Coated Liguid Gel Capsules.

Vectomega | Major Advance in Omega 3 Fish Oil Products Vectomega by Europharma. Fifty times more potent than regular fish oil products. Vectomega delivers superior bioavailability over other EPA/DHA products. Buy Direct from and $ave.

Lumina Health CellFood |Oxygen Therapy Cellfood is the worlds top-selling oxygen+nutrient formula sold in over 70 countries and recommended by health professionals everywhere. Celebrating 40 years of enhancing health throughout the world.

Wobenzym | Systemic Enzymes | Wobenzym N Wobenzym N is the authentic systemic enzyme formula developed by Mucos Pharma in Germany and trusted by millions of people worldwide for over 40 years. Free Shipping on all Wobenzym orders with delivery inside the United States.

Best Protein Shake | Lean1 Nutrition53| Optimal Meal Replacement Lean1 Nutrition53 Burns Body Fat, Tones and Defines, Reduces Hunger Cravings, Speeds Recovery from Workouts. Nutrition53 is On Sale at, Shakeology, Beachbody are no match for Lean1 Nutrition53.

Biotivia | Transmax |Potent Resveratrol Supplements Biotivia Transmax rated best resveratrol supplement by Men's Health Magazine. On Sale. Lowest Price. Too Low to be advertised. contact us today!

Alive Multi Vitamin from Nature's Way is the complete daily multivitamin containing the best ingredients from whole-food sources.

Review on Almased | Synergy Diet | Turbo-Protein Diet Almased is a healthy natural weight loss phenomenon with proven results!

Amazing Grass | Green Superfood

Elderberry-Syrup | Effective Cold and Flu Remedy Elderberry-Syrup Encourages Healthy Upper Respiratory and Enhances Overall Immune Functions.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids | Barleans Omega Swirl and You

ThreeLac Probiotic | Friendly Flora Experience the power of ThreeLac, the proprietary Probiotic that is getting celebrity praise everywhere. Formulated with three very effective types of proactive bacteria, ThreeLac contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract, helping to fight against illness and disease.

Iberogast Original Formula Every Day Lowest Price 40% Discount Seacoast Vitamins Direct Price.

Pectasol-C Modified Citrus Pectin | From Fruit Peel to Cancer Fighter PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin is the most effective product available for comprehensive, natural cellular health support. Dr. Isaac Eliaz, founder Econugenics.

Whole Body Cleanse | Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse, Improved Formula by Enzymatic Therapy. Whole Body, Liver, Metal, Simple 5-day, Stress and Whole Body Cleanses Now On Sale

Umka Cold Care is Umcka ColdCare | Recover Faster

New Low Prices on iFlora Probiotic Formulas from Sedona Labs. Nasal Sinus Support. Discount Catalog of Nutritional Supplements.

Remifemin | Estrogen Free | Black Cohosh | Menopause Relief Remifemin Menopause Relief is OB/GYN Recommended non-prescription Menopause Therapy.

Positive Effects of Krill Oil | Neptune Krill Oil | Arctic Pure Krill Oil Pure Krill Oil is a rich source of antioxidants, phospholipids, and Omega 3 supporting mobility, heart health, healthy cell membranes and reducing PMS discomfort. NKO, ArcticPure, Neptune Krill Oil.

MaxiVision | Advanced Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Vision | see Ocuvite Maxivision Whole Body Formula. Maxivision Ocular Formula. Advanced vision support including Lutein 20mg, Zeaxanthin, CoQ10, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Resveratrol.

Danzen | Serracel | Serrapeptase Serracel provides a healthy response to sports injuries or surgery, muscle tears and pulls, sinus activity, joint mobility and fluid retention. Serracel on Sale from Seacoast Natural Health.

Promeva | Simple Tips for Breast Health Natures Way Promeva, a unique natural supplement to help support healthy breast tissue. Promeva is Clinical Strength Breast Health Protection.

Reserveage Organics Reserveage Organics eliminates use of magnesium stearate. Reserveage Organics, producer of premium resveratrol health supplements announced it will begin utilizing rice bran and silica instead of dicalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate.

Pro Omega | Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Pharmaceutical grade Pro Omega fish oil is a highly concentrated Omega-3 supplement containing EPA and DHA.

Econugenics Introduces ProstaCaid Mens Prostate Health Supplement. ProstaCaid from Econugenics is now available. New Clinically Supported Breakthrough for Prostate Health

Sambucol Cold & Flu Fighter Sambucol. World renowned original formula, clinically tested, virologist developed. Boost immunity. Unique black elderberry extract rich in immune supporting flavonoids. Cold & Flu Season Special.

Sambucus Flu & Cold Remedy Sambucus naturally formulated to boost you and your child's defense system against cold & flu viruses. Year Round Defense.Standardized Extracts of Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc, Propolis and Vitamin C.

Jarro Dophilus Ranked #1 in Sales Jarro-Dophilus Enhanced Probiotic System (EPS) s the best probiotic to promote healthy intestinal microflora and support immune function.

Superior Source Vitamins is the #1 Alternative to Hard to Swallow Pills and Capsules

Optimox Iodoral | High Potency Iodine - Potassium Iodide Supplement Optimox Iodoral | High Potency Iodine - Potassium Iodide Supplement, for 25 years Seacoast Vitamins is your source for natural health supplements.

Iodine Deficiency & Iodine Supplements Iodoral High Potency Iodine Supplement, Buy Iodoral from Seacoast Vitamins and Save.

EcoNugenics Developed New Formula For Complete Breast Health Womens Health Supplement BreastDefend from Econugenics is now available. Lowest Price at Seacoast Vitamins.

Study Reveals Vitamin D More Effective than Flu Vaccine Japanese scientists, writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have found that the dietary supplement Vitamin D is better at preventing flu than vaccinations.

Yoga Towels

Yoga Head Bands Hold your hair back, Yogi-style. Fully functional Yoga Head Bands keep the sweat from making tears in you eyes, all with great designs.

PGX Daily | Benefits, Treatments & Side Effects PGX is the new science of appetite control. The PGX program can be a comfortable way to improve eating habits for life.

Allure Loves Immuno-Viva Core See what Immuno-viva Core can do for your skin. Naturally extracted from Black Cumin Seeds and Black Raspberry Seeds providing potent essential fatty acids.

WellBetX Nutritional Family of Glucose Management Products The revolutionary ingredient that makes WellBetX Meal Replacement Drink Mix such an effective weight loss product is the unique soluble fiber blend PGX.

Celery Seed Health Benefits Celery Seed Extract is widely used as an effective diuretic, as well as a dietary supplement to help improve circulation and heart health.

IP6 Inositol Called a Natural Cancer Fighter IP6 Inositol Hexaphosphate has been called a "natural cancer fighter" and scientific studies suggest that it slows or reverses the growth of various forms of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Udo's Choice Oil Blend is a perfectly balanced organic blend of oils, from fresh flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as oils from evening primrose, rice germ and oat germ.

Pearls Probiotic Pearls Immune combines two dynamic ingredients to enhance your immune system and restore digestive health.

Dietary Supplements - Are they safe and effective? Despite recent news reports, supplements are reasonable choices when used properly.

Could Chelation Be The Answer To Defeating Autism? Modified Citrus Pectin and Alginates are all-natural products that work in a very unique way to both chelate and eliminate heavy metals from the body.

Curcumin What is the Difference Between Turmeric and Curcumin?

Vitamin D Standards Too Low A worldwide increase to 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily (or higher for some groups) could reduce the incidence of a number of diseases, including multiple sclerosis, cancer, type-1 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and tuberculosis.

Phenocane | Natural Pain & Inflammation Relief Original Phenocane is an ultra potent, all natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever indicated for use in clinical studies and conducted using turmeric (curcumin), DLPA, nattokinaise, and complementary herbs found in Phenocane.

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    • Bomba V (60 tablets)
    • Question: What are the side effects of bomba v ?, they are availble in Mercury Drug Store?, are these supplement tablet? Please tell me About the benefit of the tablet.
    • Answer: BombaV is a best seller at Seacoast for men looking to boost their vitality naturally! Bomba is formulated with unique herbs such as Long Jack Root , Enostim and Maca working synergistically to boost testosterone levels which commonly decrease with age. Mfg. Warning: use as directed. For men only. If you are taking any prescription drug, taking and MAO inhibitor, have heart disease, high blood pressure, or any medical condition consult your doctor before use. Seacoast is a retailer of BombaV from Essential Source and we are not aware of what drug stores may carry this product. You may place your order on our website or call us at 1-800-555-6792 M-F 9:00-6:00 EST and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.
    • MSM High Potency Topical Cream (4 oz )
    • Question: Is it safe to use as I have high blood pressure
    • Answer: MSM is an organic source of sulfur and commonly used for joint pain and inflammation. Early research has shown using MSM may also help reduce joint degeneration. So far studies have not noted any side effects when using MSM as a topical cream. Although MSM does not appear to have any noted side effects when taking medications, it is always best to let your Doctor know of any natural supplements you are adding to your daily regime.
    • L-Carnitine 500 mg (180 Caps)
    • Question: What is the difference between Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine? I am trying to lose weight and I don't know which one to use.
    • Answer: There are 2 different forms of this amino acid and they do work differently on the body. Acetyl L- Carnitine also referred to as (ALC) helps energize the brain and support nerve function. L-Carnitine is commonly used for weight loss due to it's ability to take stored fat and use it to burn as energy. Both forms of Carnitine will support weight loss and also include the added benefits of brain and nervous system support. L-Carnitine is the optimal choice for weight loss alone and very popular with athletes for it's ability to build lean muscle.
    • Liquid Daily Multi Plus (36 oz)
    • Question: Is Vit k ....Vit k2? That is important for proper absorption
    • Answer: Liquid Daily Muti Plus includes vitamin K1 the natural form of vitamin K found in plants. Vitamin K1 is regarded as more absorbable and faster-working than K2.
    • ORAC-Energy Greens (60 day 364 g)
    • Question: Is this a powder? Is it equivalent to taking Athletic greens and where is the kosher labeling on the bottle (ex: OU)
    • Answer: ORAC-Energy Greens comes in a powder form and according to our customers, exceeds many green superfoods on the market today for it's abundance of nutrients in each scoop. Unflavored makes this easy to just add water or juice. This is a popular supplement for athletes or those seeking a nutritional meal replacement and a favorite at Seacoast! Each product is 100% vegan non-GMO. Contains NO animal products, common allergens, added sweeteners or flavored fillers. No ingredients added other than those listed. Gluten, casein, soy and dairy free. These products are not listed as kosher. Paradise Herbs does use 100% natural non-GMO Kosher and Halal certified pea protein in some of their products. Paradise Herbs also has a similar formula which contains 11 grams of protein per scoop and contains a full spectrum of amino acids.  
    • PeptACE Peptides (90 caps)*
    • Question: How effective is this tuna pill for primary hypertension? Left untreated my BP can go over 210110...I welcome any and all information on how I can get off my prescriptions....Thanks!
    • Answer: Fish Peptides have been shown to inhibit ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzymes). ACE is an enzyme that indirectly increases blood pressure by causing blood vessels to constrict. Fish peptides are composed of a purified mixture of 9 small peptides (protein) derived from the muscle of the fish bonito ( a member of the tuna family).These peptides help relax the blood vessels and dilate artery walls supporting cardiovascular health as well. According to Dr. Michael Murray formulator of PeptACE, three clinical studies have shown significant blood pressure lowering effects in people with high blood pressure (hypertension) after using PeptACE with no known side effects. It is not recommended that you stop taking your blood pressure medication unless advised to do so by your physician. PeptAce can be taken in conjunction with medication if deemed appropriate by your Doctor. If appropriate, after 2 weeks your physician may see an improvement and stabilization of blood pressure in a normal range and reduce medication.
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid (120 Vcap 250 mg)
    • Question: Will taking Alpha Lipoic help with my neuropathy?
    • Answer: Alpha Lipoic Acid helps support nerve function throughout the body and commonly used for those who suffer from neuropathy. Alpha Lipoic alone may not be enough to support symptoms associated with neuropathy. A combination of B vitamins for nervous system support, alpha lipoic acid and boswellia to assist with inflammation provides a unique combination. Healthy Feet & Nerves by Europharma (Terry Naturally) provides an outstanding product for neuropathy and voted Best New Product in 2012 by Vitamin Retailer Magazine. Click here to learn more. href=""
    • Best Curcumin with Bioperine (500 mg) (120 capsules)
    • Question: Can you confirm that these are not just Turmeric capsules? Is the capsule purely curcumin that has been extracted from the turmeric with added bioperine?
    • Answer: Dr's Best Curcumin C3 Complex contains a standardized extract of turmeric and supplies 95% total curcumanoids. Sometimes the words "turmeric" and "curcumin" are mutually used and are often confusing. The Technical difference between the two is turmeric is the yellowish powder to flavor foods, while curcumin is the chemical contained in the turmeric. Generally many turmeric products contain less than 5% curcumin the active ingredient. Whether the product name is turmeric or curcumin you want to check the label for a concentration of at least 90% total curcumanoids. This concentration allows for optimal absorption resulting in optimal health benefits. Bioperine has been added to enhance absorption, as curcumin can be difficult for the body to absorb.  
    • Can Bilberry Eye Complex improve your vision? (60 tablets)
    • Question: Does dibasic calcium phosphate contain and synthic compounds?
    • Answer: Dibasic Calcium Phosphate is a mineral salt found in rocks and bones. Used as an anti-caking agent in cosmetics and food, mineral supplement, abrasive in toothpaste and jelling agent. Also known as calcium rock. Dicalcium us also commonly found in prepared breakfast cereals as a calcium supplement, in pharmaceuticals it is used to bind tablets. 
    • Spirulina Azteca (150 gr)*
    • Question: Is spirulina available as syrup?
    • Answer: Spirulina is not available in a syrup but you can easily make your own with Spirulina Azteca powder! Just add a little water, honey or maple syrup to Spirulina Azteca powder, blend for 30 seconds and you have an awesome spirulina syrup. HealthForce Nutritionals is an excellent choice for a high quality, additive and pesticide free, Non-GMO Spirulina.  
    • GlutenEase (120 caps)*
    • Question: Help for vaginalbreast yeast
    • Answer: GlutenEase is an enzyme formula commonly used for people with gluten intolerance, helping to digest gluten containing foods. You may consider a product used for candida (yeast) build up. Now Foods Candida Clear enhances the detoxification of excess yeast, allowing for healthy levels of bacteria in the body.  
    • 4X Trim Weight Loss Extract (4 oz)
    • Question: Do you have any reviews or results of product? Are there any side effects?
    • Answer: 4x Trim Weight Loss Extract includes 4 very popular extracts used for weight loss. Originally these extracts were sold separately with positive results for many. The combination worked even better! Please use the links below to read reviews of customers who have used these extracts. Consulting your Physician is recommended if you have high blood pressure or any other medical condition or if you are taking any prescription medications. Click on the links below for customer reviews of these extracts.
    • Chia Seeds (16 oz)
    • Question: plz tell me that what is the anti bacterial and antifungal properties of chia seeds
    • Answer: Chia seeds are loaded with lignans also called polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Chia seeds have so many benefits including it's high protein value and fiber to help eliminate toxins from the body and improve digestion. Chia seeds break down easily in the body and are a great source of Omega-3. Chia seeds are so easy to use, just sprinkle on cereal or add them to your favorite smoothy!
    • Glycotrol (180 capsules)*
    • Question: My doctor says I'm pre-diabetic having blood sugar levels a little high. Would this be a good choice to keep my blood sugar levels lower?
    • Answer: Glycotrol is an excellent all natural way to not only keep your glucose levels in check but helps with cholesterol. Dr. Charles Jarowski has formulated this special product to normalize high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar levels support eye, kidney and circulation, critical to the ageing process. Many find weight loss a result of using Glycotrol and a minimal excersize program.
    • Ultimate 3 in 1 Weight Loss Formula (2 oz)
    • Question: Will this product work with my Thyroid
    • Answer: Thyroid issues such as a sluggish thyroid often are related to weight gain, fatigue, brittle nails and more. Ultimate 3 in 1 Weight Loss Formula is designed to boost the metabolism, suppress appetite and burn fat. Many have been successful in losing weight using this combination of green coffee bean, raspberry and mango extract along with a healthy exercise program for optimal results.
    • Back Pain + Sciatica (1 fl.oz)
    • Question: Would this product be good to take for quadratus limborum pain ?
    • Answer: Back Pain + Sciatica is a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from lower back pain, stiffness and sore muscles due to various conditions. Many with Quadratus Limborum suffer from pain in the hips, groin, back and abdominal areas. This synergistic blend including arnica montana, poke root and buttercup have been used for centuries providing pain relief. Liddell Laboratories are leaders in the homeopathic industry, providing an effective oral spray delivery method for fast acting liquid homeopathy.
    • Biotin 1000 mcg (100 Caps)
    • Question: It reduce post pregnency hair loss?
    • Answer: Many new moms experience Postpartum hair loss due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and occurs in around 50% of women. Although shocking for some this condition is not permanent. Usually within 12 months of child birth, hair will recover and grow to it's fullness. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA) who has just given birth should consume, vitamin E, vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc and Biotin in her diet. The consumption of the Chinese Herb He Shou Wu has also been suggested for Postpartum hair loss. BonitaV Advanced formula for Hair, Skin and Nails may be a great choice, which includes key ingredients along with He Shou Wu for hair growth.
    • D-Mannose Powder (3 oz)
    • Question: Does this product treat and get rid of UTI ? Or it is only to prevent UTI
    • Answer: D-Mannose helps in the prevention and treatment of Urinary Tract Infections often called (UTI). Scientists have found that cranberries contain a compound called D-Mannose. Cranberries have long been used in treatment and prevention of UTI's. Though D-Mannose is found in cranberry juice, there does not seem to be enough to be effective, so supplementing with a powder or capsule form is preferred. D-Mannose is present in the urine, it binds to the bacteria and prevents them from attaching to the urinary tract lining.
    • Magnesium Caps (500 mg 100 capsules)*
    • Question: Can i take it as a supplement to lower my blood pressure?
    • Answer: Magnesium has many benefits including calming nerves, anxiety, reducing muscle aches and cramps. Recent findings indicate, inadequate amounts of calcium and magnesium have been associated with high blood pressure. According to Jay S Cohen MD, a well-established body of research indicates that nutrients such as magnesium are highly effective in treating and preventing high blood pressure. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of  Magnesium for women is 310-320 mg per day and for men 400-420 mg per day.
    • Joint Formula (100 caps)
    • Question: I have none on bone hip to the left and patial right sideWill this product help meMy pain gets to the extreme at times
    • Answer: Christopher's Joint Formula is formulated to support joint and connective tissues around the bones. This herbal blend will also help with inflammation, swelling and joint mobility. You may also want to consider "Curamin" by Terry Naturally which works internally on a deep level to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. Curamin is formulated from the extract of turmeric and is one of the highest absorption turmeric products on the market today to reduce pain and inflammation. Click on the link below to learn more about Curamin and scroll down to read the reviews of other users who have tried curamin.  
    • Blood Builder (90 tabs)*
    • Question: Why is this product different than other iron supplements? My doctor recommended I take an iron supplement but so far they all upset my stomach.
    • Answer: Blood Builder is a whole food form of iron, non-binding and gentle on the stomach. Iron supplements are made differently and each person's sensitivity is unique. Blood Builder is formulated with 125 mg of organic beet root. Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals and high in iron. Synthetic iron supplements often cause gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal stress. Blood Builder is non-constipating, easy to digest, gluten and soy free and tested free of herbicides and pesticides. Recent studies are showing the benefits of beets in athletic performance, lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow. 
    • Ozonated Organic Olive Oil Unscented (2 oz)
    • Question: You used to carry the OOO from Canada, yellow label, I've been using it for over a decade. I don't see it on your site anymore, just the pur03. When kept in the refrigerator the Canada version stays hard. Is that the case with the pur03 or is it a gel? (whenever I've tried the gels they just aren't as potent)
    • Answer: Seacoast Vitamins introduced Ozonated Oils by Pur03 in 2013. These pure organic oils have been a best seller at Seacoast ever since! Pur03 oils do not need refrigeration if used frequently and will not lose their potency, making application smooth. For long term storage the ozonated oils may be refrigerated. Seacoast discontinued Ozone Services ozonated olive oil and our customers are very satisfied with this new line of Pur03 ozonated oils. Pur03 ozonates several different oils including lavender, jojoba, hemp, coconut and more. Each have a unique medicinal value and are very effective.
    • iFlora Multi-Probiotic Powder (2.1 oz)*
    • Question: Is refrigeration required?
    • Answer: iFlora Multi-Probiotic Powder is shelf stable and no refrigeration is needed. Good natural flora is reduced everyday by stress, junk foods, medications, chlorinated water and toxic environments. Our guts are responsible for 70% of immune system, making it necessary for many to supplement with probiotics to ensure optimal health. iFlor Multi Probiotic contains 16 probiotic strains that survive stomach acid and 32 billion active cells per serving, including B. lactis HN019, a clinically researched probiotic strain that supports optimal immune health. Probiotics may be very helpful for symptoms of gas, bloating and neutralizing stomach acids.
    • Liquid Potassium (16 oz)
    • Question: I am looking for an essential Nutrient super kmh which is has a base combination of: potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium and other ingredients. Is there a product that would be close to kmh? I use for muscle cramps,
    • Answer: Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus by Pure Essence Labs contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, manganese and other trace minerals. Ionic-Fizz is formulated in a powder and when added to water, the minerals are 100% predigested and ready for immediate absorption into the bloodstream. Too little calcium potassium or magnesium in the diet can commonly cause leg cramping. Muscle cramping is very common and may be a sign of circulatory changes and low levels of calcium and magnesium. Ionic-Rizz is suitable for vegetarians and comes in great-tasting orange vanilla flavor!    
    • Organic Prenatal Multi Vitamin (120 tablets)*
    • Question: Should I continue to take my Synergy prenatal multi after the baby is born and I'm breastfeeding?
    • Answer: The contents of a woman's breast milk depend on the nutrients she eats. Many Doctor's do recommend continuing with a multivitamin at least while nursing. Taking a multivitamin is a good idea to make sure you're getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Many women may get all the nutrients they need by consuming a healthy diet. With a new baby to take care of this may be difficult for some and why continuing with your multivitamin is important. Synergy Co. Organic Prenatal Multi is a 4* star choice when it comes to choosing an all natural prenatal multivitamin, free of additives, fillers, preservatives, GMO's, gluten and dairy free. 
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