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Sambucol is an elderberry extract that has been studied in Israel for its ability to help fight the flu virus and promote faster recovery from the flu. Elderberry extract is rich in antioxidants and is thought to boost the immune system and enhance overall health. Sambucol has been proven in several studies to effectively shorten the amount of suffering time from the flu as well as to provide other health benefits. Sambucol contains anthocyanins, which are a class of flavonoids that are known to help stimulate the bodys immune response.



One double-blind study performed on a kibbutz in Israel evaluated the effect of Sambucol on 27 patients, including children. The findings were published in the winter 1995 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Scientists treated 27 patients who came down with the flu and were not given a flu vaccination at any point. Some were treated with Sambucol and some were given a placebo. Children were treated with 2 tablespoons of Sambucol and adults were given 4 tablespoons of the elderberry extract. The patients treated with Sambucol recovered from the flu within 3 days while those given the placebo recovered from the virus after 6 days.

Another study performed more recently at the Immunology Laboratory for Tumor Diagnosis, Department of Oncology, Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel evaluated 3 different types of Sambucol on 12 healthy blood donors. The results indicated that Sambucol encouraged the production of inflammatory cytokines, which are immune system mediators. Consequently, it is believed that Sambucol enhances healthy immune system function. It is also believed that Sambucol may help improve immunity in patients suffering from cancer or AIDS.

Side Effects

Sambucol is an all-natural black elderberry extract and has been shown to be safe and effective at helping to prevent and relieve the flu virus and other common viruses.


Sambucol can be taken as a liquid syrup that tastes very good and helps to soothe the throat. For adults, approximately 4 tablespoons daily will cause beneficial results and approximately 2 tablespoons daily for children will help fight the flu faster. You can also take Sambucol lozenges, which also taste good and help to soothe the throat.

Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Relief (30 tablets)
Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Relief (30 tablets) Sambucol

For fast relief from congestion runny nose, sore throat and coughing and sneezing.
Sambucol for Kids | Black Elderberry Immune Formula (4 oz)
Sambucol for Kids | Black Elderberry Immune Formula (4 oz) Sambucol

The Original Sambucol for Kids, Black Elderberry Immune Formula in a great tasting syrup, especially for kids. Fight off Colds and Germs with Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc. Adults can use it too!
Black Elderberry Immune Formula (4 oz liquid)
Black Elderberry Immune Formula (4 oz liquid) Sambucol

3.8g of Black elderberry extract per 10ml. WIth added ingredients to help keep your immune system strong during those stressful times.
Black Elderberry Original Formula (30 chewable tablets)
Black Elderberry Original Formula (30 chewable tablets) Sambucol

A unique Sambucol formula based on a black elderberry extract with added Vitamin C.
Black Elderberry Immune Support Liquid (4 oz)
Black Elderberry Immune Support Liquid (4 oz) Sambucol

World renowned original formula, clinically tested, virologist developed, providing 3.8g of black elderberry extract per 10 ml.
Sambucol Elderberry Syrup (230 ml) | Original Formula
Sambucol Elderberry Syrup (230 ml) | Original Formula Sambucol

Natural Protection Against Colds and Flu Virus. World renowned original formula, Sambucol Elderberry Syrup
Sambucus Original Bio-Certified Elderberry Lozenges (30 pcs)
Sambucus Original Bio-Certified Elderberry Lozenges (30 pcs) Nature's Way

Nature's Way
Sambucol Original Lozenges features black elderberry extract to boost the immune system.
Sambucus for Kids (4oz)
Sambucus for Kids (4oz) Nature's Way

Nature's Way
Nature's Way Sambucus For Kids naturally formulated to boost your child's defense system against cold & flu viruses.
Sambucus Syrup Sugar Free (4oz)
Sambucus Syrup Sugar Free (4oz) Nature's Way

Nature's Way
Nature's Way Bio-Certified Sambucus is the superior black elderberry extract. Now On Sale During Cold and Flu Season at
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