Omega Hi Lignan Flax Oil (16 oz)

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Jarrow Formulas

Omega Hi Lignan flax Oil (16 oz)

Jarrow Formulas Hi-Lignan Flax Seed Oil by Omega Nutrition is produced in an exclusive process. The certified organic nuts and seeds are fresh pressed at low temperatures (86o - 99o F) without light or oxygen. No chemical extractions, preservatives, bleaching agents or hexane is used. The oil is completely unrefined with no Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs). Flax seed fiber naturally contains plant lignans that form potent antioxidant compounds when mixed with beneficial bacteria. Lignans have also been shown to display anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Use 1 to 3 teaspoons daily as a butter substitute (except for frying), food dressing or condiment, or mix with yogurt, salad dressings, blender creations, spreads and sauces, or use as directed by your qualified health consultant.

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