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NutraOrigin was launched with the single-minded goal of developing state-of-the-art comprehensive formulations designed to nutritionally address some of the most devastating health concerns for North America. We are a performance oriented company backed by serious research and development. All of our new product introductions arise from genuine advances in technology and performance. We pride ourselves on manufacturing only those products that provide legitimate results for the consumer. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Each and every one of our products guarantees: Purity and Potency Integrity of Formulation Adherence to Label Claims One of our main priorities is to never take professional or ethical shortcuts. Thus, all of our formulations are developed with no cost restrictions in order to ensure the highest level of effectiveness and to provide: Highly concentrated dosages of the ingredients. Multiple effective components, which deliver the full spectrum of nutritional benefits. Synergistic compositions that maximize the integrity and absorption of all individual components in our products. When comparing our product line to that of other nutraceutical brands, our formulations greatly supersede most of our competitors by offering a greater amount of ingredients in higher concentrations. Our Mission Our mission is to continue developing innovative products that improve the quality of life, and in turn, satisfy our customer's nutritional needs and enhance their overall well- being.

Glyconix | Blood Sugar Support (180 caps)*
Glyconix | Blood Sugar Support (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Glyconix Blood Sugar is advanced support for healthy insulin activity and balanced blood sugar levels.
Green Lipped Mussel Capsules (1500 mg - 90 caps)
Green Lipped Mussel Capsules (1500 mg - 90 caps) NutraOrigin

Recent studies indicate that New Zealand green-lipped mussel may provide more benefit for joint pain and mobility than fish oil
Immunagin | Immune Boost Formula (180 caps)*
Immunagin | Immune Boost Formula (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Immune Boost Formula supports the body's natural immune defenses and helps increase resistance to infection.
Inflarex | Pain & Inflammation Supplement (180 caps)*
Inflarex | Pain & Inflammation Supplement (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Inflarex | Pain & Inflammation by NutraOrigin features ingredients that naturally block excess inflammatory metabolites, helping diminish occasional pain and inflammation from sports injuries, surgical trauma, bruising, menstrual cramps, joint discomfort, and muscle stiffness.
Insomnese | Sleep Supplement (120 caps)*
Insomnese | Sleep Supplement (120 caps)* NutraOrigin

Insomnese Non-Habit-Forming Sleep Supplement advanced formula relieves occassional sleeplessness and improves quality of sleep.
Menolief | Menopause Relief Supplement (120 caps)*
Menolief | Menopause Relief Supplement (120 caps)* NutraOrigin

Menolief is a completely natural formula that relieves both the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.
Menstraese | PMS Support (90 caps)*
Menstraese | PMS Support (90 caps)* NutraOrigin

Menstraese PMS Support Formula helps relieve the physical discomfort and emotional distress of PMS.
Migranalief | Headache & Migraine Formula (120 caps)*
Migranalief | Headache & Migraine Formula (120 caps)* NutraOrigin

Migranalief Headache & Migraine Supplement helps relieve the pain and pressure of occasional headaches.
Moodtrex | Mood-Enhancing Formula (180 caps)*
Moodtrex | Mood-Enhancing Formula (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Moodtrex contains nutraceuticals that increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, plus herbs that relieve everyday anxiety and promote a positive outlook.
NutraMulti | One Per Day (30 tabs)*
NutraMulti | One Per Day (30 tabs)* NutraOrigin

Comprehensive iron-free multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides an essential, complete foundation for peak health
Omega-3 Fish Oil | High Potency (120 softgels)*
Omega-3 Fish Oil | High Potency (120 softgels)* NutraOrigin

NutraOrigin's Omega-3 Fish Oil was recently chosen by the research organization Advanced Brain Monitoring for a clinical study. 800 mg DHA, 1200 mg EPA, High Potency & Purity Certified.
Osteozol | Bone Strength Formula (180 caps)*
Osteozol | Bone Strength Formula (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Osteozol contains highly absorbable calcium and vitamin D, plus a whole wealth of other nutrients that support bone health.
Prostazol | Advanced Prostate Health (180 caps)*
Prostazol | Advanced Prostate Health (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

NutraOrigin's Prostate Health Supplement, Prostazol, is an advanced formula designed to maintain normal prostate size and provide natural protection to prostate cells.
Renatol | Kidney Health (180 caps)*
Renatol | Kidney Health (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Renatol is designed to protect these organs from harm, by providing herbs that aid in kidney filtration and toxin processing, flush the urinary tract, protect the bladder wall, and maintain normal urinary calcium and oxalate levels.
Renuagin | Anti-Aging Formula (180 caps)*
Renuagin | Anti-Aging Formula (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

All of the ingredients in Renuagin have antioxidant properties; plus each one also has unique health benefits. While nothing can stop you from getting older, making sure your body is stocked with high levels of antioxidants can help you age better.
Viritex | Male Enhancement (180 caps)*
Viritex | Male Enhancement (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Viritex Male Enhancement formula helps boost men's libido and improve sexual performance. Containing a blend of Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens and DHB.
Vizarex | Eye Health Formula (180 caps)*
Vizarex | Eye Health Formula (180 caps)* NutraOrigin

Vizarex contains a wealth of antioxidants shown to improve eye health, benefit visual acuity, preserve the clarity of the lens, and reduce visual fatigue.

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