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HepZone developed a new application form of SST the development was conducted together with physicians and patients. The product is now available in veggie capsules making it easy for people to fit SST into their liver health routine. Every batch of HepZone SST vegi-capsules manufactured by HepCare, Inc. in Phoenix Arizona is tested and certified by Honso in Japan to ensure the same specifications and highest quality standard.

HepZone SST, Sho-Saiko-To (180 capsules)
HepZone SST, Sho-Saiko-To (180 capsules) HepZone

HepZone SST (Sho-Saiko-To) is an herbal formula based upon traditional Asian medicine that is being used with success for liver health in Japan and China. Sho-saiko-to is a mixture of seven botanicals: Bupleurum root (Chai hu), Pinellia tuber (Ban xia), Scutellaria root (Huang qin), Ginseng (Ren shen), Jujube (Da zao), Licorice (Gan cao), Ginger (Sheng jiang).

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