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Terry Lemerond the founder and president of EuroPharma, is passionate about health and nutrition. It is how he lives his life and he wants to share his knowledge with you. With over 40 years experience, Terry has established a reputation in the natural products industry and among health food retailers and practitioners for launching high-quality, effective products backed by scientific validation. Terry Lemerond was instrumental in introducing numerous "firsts" to the U.S. health market, including Ginkgo biloba, stabilized Glucosamine Sulfate, and botanical standardization. These substances, along with many others such as St. Johns Wort and Saw Palmetto Berry, are now widely used ingredients in the United States. 1982Introduced botanical standardization to the U.S. supplement industry. A standardized product contains a consistent amount of one or more active ingredients, helping ensure consumers "get what they pay for." 1982Introduced Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. market. 1982Introduced milk thistle, a natural liver support supplement, to the U.S. This comes after extensive scientific review of the merits of silymarin, an extract derived from the plant. 1986Introduced deglycyrrhizinated licorice, an extract widely used in Europe to support the mucosa of the stomach, to the U.S. 1986Was the first U.S. manufacturer to produce peppermint oil in enteric- coated capsules, which allows the oil to reach the small intestine and eventually the colon, where it would be released for best results. 1993Introduced Glucosamine Sulfate, providing Americans with the first clinically supported nutritional supplement for healthy joint support. Creating the beginning of a $900 million dollar industry. 1998After 15 years of scientific study by researcher A.K.M. Shamsuddin M.D., Terry Lemerond introduced the breakthrough combination of IP-6 and inositol called Cell Forte, an unprecedented immune boosting supplement.

12-Hour Energy Caps (30 softgels)
12-Hour Energy Caps  (30 softgels) EuroPharma

The chemotyped plant oils in 12-Hour Energy Caps provide safe, non-stimulating, sustained energy. Stay focused with all day energy naturally.
Adaptra (60 capsules)
Adaptra (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Improves mental and physical performance. Relieve stress of everyday life and promotes emotional well being. Includes Ashwagandha and Rhodiola to enhance adrenal function and increase energy.
Adrenaplex (60 capsules)
Adrenaplex (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Supports Healthy Adrenal Gland Function and Manages Fatigue
Allergy Essentials (60 capsules)
Allergy Essentials (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Provides respiratory support without drowsiness or other side effects. Safe and natural herbal solution.
AnxioCalm (45 tablets)
AnxioCalm (45 tablets) EuroPharma

Natural remedy for relief of occasional anxiety? AnxioCalm containing Coneflower Root( Echinacea angustifoliae radix) Extract has been clinically studied and shown to be a safe and effective formula to relieve stress and anxiety promoting a calming effect. Buy on sale at Seacoast Vitamins Today!
Artery Strong (60 vcaps)
Artery Strong (60 vcaps) EuroPharma

Vitamins A, D3, and K2 for Vascular Elasticity and Strength
Arthocin (60 Caps)
Arthocin (60 Caps) EuroPharma

Arthocin from Terry Naturally contains clinically proven ingredients to help keep joint and connective tissues healthy, and reduce pain and inflammation.
Berry Antioxidant (60 capsules)
Berry Antioxidant (60 capsules) EuroPharma

This formula should be your number one choice for reducing all signs and symptoms of aging. Look and feel vibrant with a fantastic sense of well-being.
Berry Healthy Eyes (60 capsules)
Berry Healthy Eyes (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Berry Healthy Eyes naturally astaxanthin-rich and antioxidant-rich formula contains two clinically researched ingredients that have been shown to support healthy eye function.
Berry Healthy Heart (60 capsules)
Berry Healthy Heart (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Choke berry has been referred to as the most powerful antioxidant among all known fruits. With a high content of beneficial compounds, catechin and epicatechin, this formula provides superior support for the heart and cardiovascular system
Berry Sharp Mind (60 capsules)
Berry Sharp Mind (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Black currant flavonoids are unusual in that they support both blood vessels and blood cells by maintaining the flexibility of cell membranes. This powerful black currant formulation may activate the brain and central nervous systems for a healthy response.
Berrybiotics (60 capsules)
Berrybiotics (60 capsules) EuroPharma

If you are taking antibiotics, BerryBiotic will help to restore the friendly bacteria.
Bio-Active Vitamin B (60 caps)
Bio-Active Vitamin B (60 caps) EuroPharma

BioActive Vitamin B supplies vitamin B6, folate and B12 in their biologically preferred forms, which do not require conversion, for enhanced utilization in the body. Buy at Seacoast Today!
Blood Pressure Health (60 capsules)
Blood Pressure Health (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Blood Presure Health cardiovascular formula provides high levels of key extracts to support healthy blood pressure levels.
Blood Sugar Assist (60 capsules)
Blood Sugar Assist (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Blood Sugar Assist contains clinically studied ingredients targeting the way your body keeps blood sugar in balance.
Bone-Sil (Trica-Sil) (60 tablets)
Bone-Sil (Trica-Sil) (60 tablets) EuroPharma

Organic Silica from Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Extract, Bone-Sil promotes strong bones & cartilage, beautiful nails & healthy skin and hair. Supplementing with Bone-sil is an excellent way to preserve healthy bone density, ligaments, tendons, jaw and teeth.
BOS-CUR (30 softgels)
BOS-CUR (30 softgels) EuroPharma

The proprietary formula in Europharma's Bos-Cur is the equivalent to 2500 mgs of Boswellia 70% and 1250 mgs of Curcumin 95%, natural health support for Upper Respiratory and Intestinal Tract Health.
BosMed 500 Extra Strength Boswellia Extract (60 softgels)
BosMed 500 Extra Strength Boswellia Extract (60 softgels) EuroPharma

Boswellia is considered to be one of the most beneficial herbs.
Bronchial Clear (90 tablets)
Bronchial Clear (90 tablets) EuroPharma

These clinically studied ingredients are shown to maintain healthy bronchial passageway function.
Bronchial Clear - Chewable (60 tablets)
Bronchial Clear - Chewable (60 tablets) EuroPharma

Bronchial Clear Chewable soothes occasional irritation.
Calm Essentials (45 sgels)
Calm Essentials (45 sgels) EuroPharma

The formula of these three highly effective plant oils can bring joy and happiness into a noisy, chaotic world.
Calm Kids (60 capsules)
Calm Kids (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Complete synergistic formula provides children with a healthy focus, concentration and attentiveness. Support mental focus, calmness of the mind, and instill emotional well-being.
CardioGLA (60 softgels)
CardioGLA (60 softgels) EuroPharma

Unique Blackcurrant extract (BC105) contains an abundance of health-promoting compounds of flavonoids, Vitamin E and a diverse fatty acid composition in support of cardiovascular health and cholesterol balance.
Cholestcaps (60 capsules)
Cholestcaps (60 capsules) EuroPharma

Supports Healthy Stress levels, cardiovascular health, and supports good (HDL) cholesterol levels.
Clinical Glutathione (60 low-melt tablets)
Clinical Glutathione (60 low-melt tablets) EuroPharma

Clinical Glutathione supplements and supports the body's ability to help repair damaged cells caused by infection, stress, radiation, pollution and a host of other ailments. Give your immune system a boost today.
Clinical OPC French Grape Seed Extract (60 softgels)

What you need to know about grape seed extract. Clinical OPC Grape Seed Extract has shown excellent results for healing damaged tissue, weight gain, inflammation, supporting blood sugar levels and more.
Cold Check (60 capsules)

Beneficial formula combines two clinically researched ingredients that have been shown to support a normal, healthy immune system.
Colon and Bowel Probiotic (30 capsules)

Colon and Bowel Probiotic offers support for digestive health offering offering an effective blend of probiotics offering 20 billion, live active probiotic bacteria. Probiotics not only support digestive health but play a vital role in immune health. Non-dairy formula perfect for those with food sensitivities.
CuraCel (60 softgels)

Safely Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response, Supporting Normal Cell Growth*
CuraMed + OPC Grape Seed Extract (60 softgels)

Award winning CuraMed has an additional ingredient, OPC grape seed extract to reduce oxidative damage and protect the cells from disease. OPC french grape seed extract (tannin-free) means superior absoption. An excellent anti-aging suppplement.
Curamed 375mg (60 softgels)

Equivalent to 3,750 mg of Curcumin 95% 1000% Greater Absorption
CuraMed 750mg (120 softgels)

CuraMed proprietary complex provides Healthy Inflammation Response. Receive 15% discount off each purchase, when you join Seacoast Vitamin-Direct.
CuraMed 750mg (30 softgels)

CuraMed's Powerful Antioxidant proprietary complex provides enhanced bioavailability, sustained retention time. Equivalent to 4,000 mg of curcumin 95% or 85,000 mg of tumeric.
CuraMed 750mg (60 softgel)

Curamed Proprietary Complex for Powerful Antioxidant and Healthy Inflammation Response. Clincally studied for effective pain relief. Gluten, sugar and Salt Free. Non-GMO turmeric grown without chemicals.
CuraMed Prostate Support (60 softgels)

CuraMed Prostate contains botanical ingredients to support the prostate and should be part of a daily regime for all men seeking a healthy prostate as they age.
Curamin (120 Caps)

Curamin is a unique and proprietary formula that enhances the body's natural defense mechanism for the relief of pain due to over use.

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