Healthy Skin, Mucosal Membrane Support & Function. Sea Buckthorn contains an exceptionally high content of Omega-7 fatty acid (palmitoleic acid) along with over 200 essential compounds to support overall good health..

HyDra-7 Sea Buckthorn Oil (500 mg 60 softgels)

HyDra-7 has been discontinued and replaced with Omega-7 (60 softgels). Seacoast recommends Omega-7 as an excellent replacement

Skin Hydration, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Circulation.(Click here) Excellent source of Omega 3,6 & 9.

Sorry! This item has been discontinued. See below.

Europharma - Terry Naturally - For Your Good Health

HyDra-7, Sea Buckthorn Oil (500 mg 60 softgels)

Sea Buckthorn oil is rare and wonderful. Produced from both the seed and pulp in a very specific ratio that has been clinically studied to improve internal and external mucous membranes. It contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. Our clinical studies have shown it to be effective to relieve dry skin, mouth, eyes and vagina. Clinical trials were conducted and shown to be effective to support individuals with Sjögren's syndrome. Europharma collaborates with a premier company in Europe that has clinically studied Sea Buckthorn oil for the past 10 years. The berries are handpicked which is a very laborious process due to the thorns on the trees. Some companies use picking processes that are destroying the trees. The company we work with is using very sustainable practices to save the Sea Buckthorn trees.

Clinically studied to improve skin hydration (48% after 3 months), increase softness and elasticity. Protects skin from free radicals caused by stress, smoking, and environmental pollution. Provides nutrients essential for proper functioning and renewal of dry mucous membranes, and enhances the health and beauty of the skin. The mucous membranes play an important role in the health and general well being of the whole body. HyDra-7ÃÃ

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Omega-7 Sea Buckthorn Oil (60 softgels)
Omega-7 Sea Buckthorn Oil (60 softgels) Terry Naturally

Terry Naturally
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Questions and answers:

Asked on: February 25, 2013
Question: Does it provide any benefits for diabetics?
  • A: Sea Buckthorn has a variety of uses. Though this product states it may help relieve dry skin, mouth, eyes, and vagina, it may also help with other ailments. Please consult with your physician to see if they think this product may help with your diabetes. 

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