TobacStop is an herbal smoke remedy. Stopping smoking requires help from family and friends, a strong will and desire, and quite possibly a few non-toxic aids. TobacStop contains powerful herbs to help you overcome the craving, detoxify your system and win the fight against smoking addiction..
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TobacStop (90 vegicaps)

TobacStop has been discontinued. Seacoast recommends this excellent replacement.

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 TobacStop (90 vegicaps)

Balance & Harmony Herbal Supplement for Smoking Addiction

Masterfully crafted to promote smoking cessation, TobacOff herbal supplement helps by reducing the dependency on and craving for tobacco. Traditional potent herbs in this formula help with clearing excess heat, detoxifying, and calming your lungs.

Recommended Dosage: Start program by taking 3-4 capsules before bedtime on the first day. The following days, take 3–4 capsules one hour before meals. Maintain this dosage until tobacco cravings subside.


Houttuynia (whole plant, Yu Xing Cao), Sophora Root (Shan Dou Gen), Polygala Root (Yuan Zhi), Ginseng Root (Ren Shen, red ji lin)

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Uses & Indications.
  • Aiding With Stop Smoking Programs
  • Detoxifying Lungs
  • Reducing Craving For Tobacco
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Smoking Addiction

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