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Get acquainted with Discontinued Products products, including Life Extension Cognitex with NeuroProtection Complex & KAL Xylitol

Xylitol (6 oz)
Xylitol (6 oz) KAL

KAL Xylitol is a natural substance found in many fruits and vegetable that contains 33% fewer calories than the equivalent amount of sugar and does not promote tooth decay.
Yeast Flakes (22 oz)
Yeast Flakes (22 oz) KAL

KAL Yeast Flakes contain healthy bacteria, Vitamin B, and amino acids to strengthen the body and aid in nutrition.
Active Enzyme Deodorant (2.48oz)
Active Enzyme Deodorant (2.48oz) Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Deorderant is an all-natural, safe, and effective product to help control body odor all day. Active Enzyme deodorant contains enzymes from vegetables that work to netralize odor.
All Night Creme De Nuit (3.75oz)
All Night Creme De Nuit (3.75oz) Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face
All Night Creme De Nuit by Kiss My Face is the answer to healthy, fresh-looking skin. It moisturizes and leaves skin looking supple and smooth.
Kyo-Chrome (90 capsules)
Kyo-Chrome (90 capsules) Kyolic

A healthy diet, regular exercise and Kyo-Chrome can help you take more control of your insulin function, maintain healthy weight management and add more energy to your life!
Kyo-Dophilus Powder (3.1 oz)
Kyo-Dophilus Powder (3.1 oz) Kyolic

Take Kyo-Dophilus powder during and after a cycle of medication, when you travel and everyday to boost immunity, promote healthy intestinal function and general well-being.
Moducare Grape Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)
Moducare Grape Chewable Tablets (60 tabs) Kyolic

Moducare is a patented** blend of plant sterols and sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1 that works to restore, strengthen and balance your bodys immune system.
Detox Chemicals (1oz.)
Detox Chemicals (1oz.) Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Detox Chemicals oral spray from Liddell offers relief for toxic build-up in the body.
Hemorrhoid Relief (1.0 fl.oz)
Hemorrhoid Relief (1.0 fl.oz) Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Homeopathic Hemorrhoid Relief is an herbal product designed to help those suffering from hemorrhoids
Herpes Simplex (1 oz.)
Herpes Simplex (1 oz.) Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Herpes Simplex homeopathic spray by Liddell. Easy to use, two sprays three times a day.
Letting Go - Frustration
Letting Go - Frustration Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Liddell Letting Go Frustration 1 fl.oz is a wonderful product designed to help us pass by all of those frustrating situations we face everyday, unaffected!
Letting Go, Grief Spray
Letting Go, Grief Spray Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Liddell Letting Go, Grief Spray is a product that is designed to work with your body to help you get over grief in times that it becomes overwhelming.
Multi Spray Vitamin
Multi Spray Vitamin Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Liddell Multi Spray Vitamin, Daily Vitamin Oral Spray, Great Tasting Multivitamin Supplement
Multi-Vitamin Spray (2.7oz)
Multi-Vitamin Spray (2.7oz) Liddell (Liddel)

Liddell (Liddel)
Liddell's Multi-Vitamin Spray is a sub lingual daily multi-vitamin
ArthroStat (90 caps)*
ArthroStat (90 caps)* Lidtke

Supporting Healthy Joints and Movement. Glucosamine Free Supplement.
ViroStat (120 capsules)*
ViroStat (120 capsules)* Lidtke

ViroStat from Lidtke Technologies Corp is formulated to boost your immune system.
5-Loxin (75 mg 100 vegetarian capsules)*
5-Loxin (75 mg 100 vegetarian capsules)* Life Extension

Life Extension
5-Loxin 75mg, a patent-pending extract of the Ayurvedic herb Boswellia Serratta, has demonstrated benefits of promoting joint health, improved mobility and comfort.
Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with AdipoStat and African Mango Irvingia (60 caps)*
Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with AdipoStat and African Mango Irvingia (60 caps)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Clinically Validated Effective Weight Management Support
Advanced Oral Hygiene (60 mint lozenges)*
Advanced Oral Hygiene (60 mint lozenges)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Advanced Oral Hygiene is a new oral probiotic that provides the beneficial bacteria that can help block harmful bacteria that first develop in the mouth.
Apple Pectin Powder (8 oz)*
Apple Pectin Powder (8 oz)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Apple Pectin Powder is a natural health supplement providing fiber to help control cholesterol and glucose levels.
ArthroPro System (120 capsules)*
ArthroPro System (120 capsules)* Life Extension

Life Extension
LifeExtension- ArthroPro System. Multiple degenerative processes occur during the aging process that allow for undesirable prostaglandin synthesis.
Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder (100 gr)*
Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder (100 gr)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder- Ascorbyl palmitate (AP) is a bioactive, fat-soluble form of vitamin C that can reach tissue areas ascorbic acid cannot.
Beta-Carotene (100 grams powder)*
Beta-Carotene (100 grams powder)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Beta-Carotene (10% Dry Beadlets)- Beta-carotene is the most potent precursor to vitamin A, but its conversion to vitamin A in the body is limited by a feedback system, and is referred to as provitamin A
Calcium Carbonate (1 kg powder)*
Calcium Carbonate (1 kg powder)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Calcium Carbonate Powder is an inexpensive supplement, which is an effective source of calcium for many people, but not for those with inadequate stomach acid or other absorption problems.
Calcium Magnesium (1 kg powder)*
Calcium Magnesium (1 kg powder)* Life Extension

Life Extension
Nutritional Supplements, Antiaging, Health and Nutrition- LifeExtension- Calcium Magnesium Powder is a good source of elemental calcium and magnesium for healthy people. It is best used as a buffering agent, added to acidic vitamins in solution to neutralize pH levels.
Cellulite Suppress (6 Fl Oz) *

Life Extension
Cellulite Suppress from Life Extension is a topical cream which works synergistically with the body to diminish the appearance and recurrence of cellulite.
Chitosan (250 mg 180 capsules)*

Life Extension
Chitosan is a soluble fiber composed of chitin, which is a component of the shell of shellfish. Fibers such as chitosan can absorb many times their weight of fat and cholesterol.
Chitosan (500 mg 180 capsules)*

Life Extension
Chitosan is a soluble fiber composed of chitin, which is a component of the shell of shellfish. Fibers such as chitosan can absorb many times their weight of fat and cholesterol.
Chloroplex Formula (Vegetable Extract Complex) (100 capsules)*

Life Extension
LifeExtension- Chloroplex Formula (Vegetable Extract Complex). Chloroplex contains a variety of carotenoids and other plant extracts, including chlorophyll that can protect against DNA mutation and enhance cardiovascular and ocular health.
Choline Bitartrate (300 grams powder)*

Life Extension
Choline and pantothenic acid are substances needed by the brain to produce acetylcholine, a major brain/motor neuron neurotransmitter that facilitates the transmission of impulses between neurons.
Chondrox (300 capsules)*

Life Extension
LifeExtension Chondrox has a combination of ingredients that helps: Support or enhance anabolic chondrocyte synthesis. Support or enhance the synthesis of synovial fluid. Inhibit enzymes and immune system factors that cause free radicals.
Cocoagold with Beta-Glucan (unsweetened) (180 grams powder)*

Life Extension
CocoaGold with Beta-Glucan Unsweetened Powder provides a neutral tasting, unsweetened beta-glucan complex that has been developed to provide the healthy lipid-promoting benefits of oats along with cocoa polyphenols in each serving.
CocoaGold Cocoa Polyphenols (60 vegetarian capsules)*

Life Extension
LifeExtension- CocoaGold Cocoa Polyphenols which provide dietary anti-oxidant benefits, are naturally abundant in cocoa beans. Cocoa polyphenols, as found in dark chocolate, have shown beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, especially vascular health.
CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract with Glucose Control Complex (90 Vcaps)*

Life Extension
Support for healthy glucose control, body weight, and resting metabolic rate.
Cognitex w/ Pregnenolone (90 SGels) *

Life Extension
Cognitetex with Pregenolone form Life Extension is formulated to enhance cognitive function and may help protect against Alzheimer's Disease.
Cognitex with NeuroProtection Complex (90 softgels)*

Life Extension
Cognitex is formulated to take advantage of the latest developments and ingredients for cognitive health.

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