Premium Acai Cleanse and Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleanse are 100% Natural and Additive Free Weight Loss Supplements from Seacoast Vitamins Direct..
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Premium Acai Super Cleanse (90 Vcaps)*

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Premium Acai Super Cleanse

90 vegetable capsules

Premium ACAI Super Cleanse and Ultimate ACAI Diet & Cleanse are specially formulated to fully utilize the potent Acai Berry and other exotic ingredients from around the world. The 2-part program is designed to help CLEANSE and DETOXIFY the body’s internal organs while at the same time naturally promoting WEIGHT LOSS and supporting optimal health.

Although the Ultimate Acai Diet and Cleanse can be taken on its own, by adding Premium Acai Super Cleanse you will benefit from additional cleansing and detoxifying action by including a powerful blend of nutrients that will yield more effective weight loss and superior overall intestinal health. Originally, the Ultimate Acai Diet and Cleanse was designed as a “stand alone” product; however, we quickly discovered that the addition of the Premium Acai Super Cleanse maximized healthy weight loss.

Why is cleansing so important when it comes to healthy weight loss? It has been reported that constipation is the number one health problem in the U.S. today and is attributed to the fact that most people do not consume enough fiber in their daily diets. Premium Acai Super Cleanse has been developed specifically with this problem in mind. It is important to remember that EFFECTIVE healthy weight loss is achieved largely in part by boosting the metabolism as well as efficiently removing toxins and fats from the body via the large intestine.

The Complete Acai Diet & Cleanse Program supplies key nutrients in both the Ultimate Acai Diet and Cleanse and the Premium Acai Super Cleanse that have been shown to “NATURALLY” support the body’s eliminatory systems in order to function most effectively. A couple of examples of this would be as follows: · Fiber is a naturally occurring part of our everyday diet. Most foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber; however, most people do not consume enough of the “fiber-rich” foods in order to eliminate properly. Both soluble and insoluble fiber such as glucomannan and psyllium are found in the two products in this program. · Acidophilus is a naturally-occurring “good” bacteria found in the upper and lower intestine; however due to increased use of antibiotics, the over consumption of sugar and constipation all affect the ability of this “good” bacteria to thrive in our intestinal tract. We have added this ingredient in the Premium Acai Super Cleanse in order to support healthy bowel ecology and maintain regular elimination.

Ultra Laboratories® is committed to creating only clean, additive free products. You can be 100% certain that our ingredients are offered to you in the purest form possible. We believe a natural and pure product is every customer’s right.

Ultra Laboratories does NOT use:

Magnesium Stearate • Additives • Fillers

  • Support Effective Weight Loss
  • Eliminate Toxins and Fats from the Body
  • Safely Boost Metabolism
  • Successfully Curb Appetite


Supplement Facts
Premium Acai Super Cleanse
Serving Size: 3 vegetable capsules
Acai Exotic Fruit Proprietary Blend 140 mg
Açai Berry Extract 4:1(fruit) (Euterpe Oleracea),† Goji Berry Extract (fruit) (20% Polysaccharides) (Lycium barbarum),† Pomegranate (fruit powder) (Punica granatum),† Mangosteen Pericarp (powder),† Noni Fruit (powder),† Camu Camu (powder) (Myrciaria dubia),† Pomegranate Extract (fruit) (70% Ellagic Acid)†  
Acai Super Cleanse Proprietary Blend 1810 mg
Oat Bran Powder,† Glucomannan Powder,† Psyllium Husk Powder,† Acidophilus Powder (5 Billion CFU’s/gram),† CascaraSagrada Powder,† Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin) †    

†daily value not established

Other ingredients: vegetable capsule

Suggested Use: Adults, take one to two (1-2) capsules three times a day with meals and with one to two 12oz. glasses of water or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner. Best when taken with ACAI Diet & Cleanse.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Support Weight Loss
  • Boost Energy
  • Cleanse And Detoxify In Support Of Improved Health
  • Control Appetite
  • Promote Healthy Metabolism
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Uncontrolled Craving For Food
  • Irregularity
  • Excess Weight
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Asked on: April 1, 2013
Question: Can you take this with the Pure Rasberry Ketone 800mg per serving?
  • A: There are no direct warnings against taking this supplement with pure raspberry ketones 800 mg. If you are taking any prescription medication or have any medical conditions though, you should run it by your physician before starting. 
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