FemCreme is a natural progesterone that is designed to the exact specifications of Dr. John Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause)..
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FemCreme |Natural Progesterone (3 oz Pump)*

FemCreme has been discontinued. Seacoast recommends an excellent replacement.

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FemCreme |Natural Progesterone (3 oz Pump)*

The hormone imbalance that most often causes hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and other menopausal complaints is called ½estrogen dominance It may be caused by too much estrogen, too little progesterone, or both. FemCreme is a natural progesterone that is designed to the exact specifications of Dr. John Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause). Its progesterone is 100% bio-identical to that made by the human body, so that you will experience none of the unpleasant side effects associated with the synthetic progestins that most physicians prescribe.

When the ovaries begin to shut down, the only remaining source of progesterone is the adrenal glands. The modern world takes a terrible toll on these glands. In many cases, the adrenals are too weak to ever produce the amount of progesterone you need. These women may need to use a progesterone  for most of their lives. Other women might need only for a few months, while Transitions or ProFema rebuild adrenal strength.

Our suggestion is to use Transition or ProFema for a month. If that doesn't provide all the relief you need, add FemCreme. When complete relief is obtained, begin to reduce your usage of FemCreme to the smallest amount you can use without a return of symptoms. Many women will be able to discontinue FemCreme as long they continue with Transitions or ProFema.

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Uses & Indications.
  • Menopause
  • Hormonal Imbalance
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Weight Gain
  • Irritability
  • Hot Flashes
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Questions and answers:

Asked on: October 25, 2012
Question: what is the percentage of wild yam in this product?
  • A: Wild yam is part of the synergistic blend and not quantified in percentage but is added to compliment the progesterone.
Asked on: January 12, 2013
Question: how many mg of progesterone per pump?
  • A: FemCreme Natural Progesterone contains 480 mg of natural progesterone per oz.
Asked on: April 3, 2014
Question: how can I measure correctly the dose
  • A: The daily recommended dosage for symptoms of menopause is 20mg. One full press of the pump will give the amount needed. Depending on your usage, Natural Progesterone is similiar to the progesterone your body makes helping in hormone replacement therapy and bone loss after menopause. And unlike other cremes, it contains no synthetic chemicals.

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