AlkaMax by TriMedica is an all-natural antacid that works to reduce acid build-up and restore healthy PH balance to the ntire body..

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AlkaMax MultiForce Alkaline (90 caps)

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90 Caps AlkaMax Multiforce Alkaline

There are many antacids on the market that work to relieve the pain from indigestion or heartburn. But these medications merely treat the symptoms; they don't get to the root of the problem. AlkaMax by TriMedica works by restoring PH balance to the entire body, reducing painful, excessive acid and promoting overall health. There are lots of contributing factors such as eating too much meat, sugar, and soda that can cause an increase in acid build-up throughout the body. Stress levels can also play a major role in promoting acid build-up. Excessive levels of acid in the body can induce several damaging effects like premature aging, fatigue, muscle soreness, and a weakened resistance to sickness. Some of the more common negative symptoms of acid build-up are indigestion, heartburn, and even stomach ulcers. Athletes can be impeded physically by muscle fatigue and soreness when lactic acid builds up in the muscular system. AlkaMax by TriMedica effectively reduces painful acid build-up while enhancing your overall health.

The more common over-the-counter medications used to treat excessive stomach acid reduces hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for healthy digestion. AlkaMax is a unique, patent pending, nutritional supplement that works by neutralizing acid throughout the entire body so that it quenches burning acid at the root of the problem, restoring proper acid/Alkaline balances in the stomach, muscles, and elsewhere. This also preserves the healthy acids in the stomach so that proper digestion can occur. AlkaMax reduces acid build-up, restores healthy PH levels, boosts energy and endurance, and promotes a healthy immune system. It is a valuable tool in maintaining your health and fighting off painful acid build-up. Find relief and wellness with AlkaMax by TriMedica. AlkaMax contains potassium which can interfere with some heart medications and diuretics. Always consult your physician before taking any new medication or supplements.


  • Powerful antacid
  • Restores proper PH balance
  • boosts energy
  • Supports healthy immune system function


Suggested Use: 

Take one capsule twice daily as needed. Discontinue use after reaching a consistent evening alkaline reading (PH 7.05-7.5). Resume use if the acidic evening reading returns.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Proprietary Blend 4150mg  
Citric Acid  
Potassium Bicarbonate  
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) (root)  
* Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established.

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Distributed or manufactured from TriMedica. See more TriMedica products.
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Friday 10 October, 2008
This is the best product in controlling the ph balance of your body. It is simple to maintain. It provides the tabs to monitor. Excellent product!
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Questions and answers:

Asked on: December 3, 2012
Question: Is alkamax gluten free?
Asked on: February 14, 2013
Question: Hi have started using A. Vogal Multiforce,but it makes my stomach to run.Why is that?
  • A: I'm sorry to hear that you are having these symptoms. I am not aware of these effects Please make sure to take the recommended dosage of 1 capsule up to 2 times a day until you are reaching a consistent evening alkaline reading (pH 7.0-7.5) and resume if acidic evening readings return.
    If you are pregnant or nursing, contact your doctor before using. This product contains potassium and licorice which may interfere with certain types of heart medications and diuretics. Those individuals using such medications should use this product only under the supervision of a medical professional. Do not use if you have high blood pressure or a history of heart disease. Please consult with a physician if these symptoms persist as they can advise best what is causing it.
Asked on: July 20, 2016
Question: How often should I use alkamax? Everytime I drink water or not?
  • A: The Mfg. suggests taking one capsule twice daily as needed. Discontinue use after reaching a consistent evening alkaline reading (PH 7.05-7.5). Resume use if the acidic evening reading returns.   

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