HIgher doses of Vitamin B12 are often recommended for people taking prescription medications that block normal vitamin B12 absorption..
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Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 5000 mcg (No Shot, Quick Release, 60 Instant Dissolve Mini Tabs)

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Distributed or manufactured from Superior Source Vitamins. See more Superior Source Vitamins products.

*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Maintaining Brain Function And Supporting Memory
  • Reduce Risk Of Coronary Disease
  • Preventing Vitamin B Deficiency
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • Artheriosclerosis
  • Depression
  • Low Energy
  • Memory Loss
Cellfood (1 oz)*
Cellfood (1 oz)* Lumina Health

Lumina Health
His Daily Nutrition (120 tablets)
His Daily Nutrition (120 tablets) RealFood Organic by Country Life

RealFood Organic by Country Life

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Questions and answers:

Asked on: November 27, 2012
Question: 30 of 32 people found the foollwing assess helpful: Keeps B12 levels at an brilliant level, January 10, 2008Bya0 (Austin, TX USA) a0a0 This assess is from: Sublingual Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg), B6 (5mg), Folic Acid(400 mcg) Biotin (25mcg) 250 Sublingual Tablets Formulated with methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12. (Health and Beauty) I cannot absorb B12 through dietary intake, so I must supplement. I did shots for awhile, then switched to sublinguals. My research indicated that methylcobalamin B12 is most easily absorbed, and my lab work has proven it. My B12 level is consistently brilliant since I started methylcobalamin B12 sublinguals.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this assess helpful to you?a0 a0 Kerri Elders says: 39 of 43 people found the foollwing assess helpful: Fantastic Supplement at a Fantastic Price, October 30, 2007Bya0 (Texas USA) a0a0a0a0 Amazon Verified Buy() This assess is from: Sublingual Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg), B6 (5mg), Folic Acid(400 mcg) Biotin (25mcg) 250 Sublingual Tablets Formulated with methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12. (Health and Beauty) I've ordered this twice from WonderLabs, on the recommendation of another Amazon user. It's a high-quality sublingual (under the tongue) B12 with B6 and Folic Acid (which, when paired with B12, has been shown to lower HOMOCYSTEIN levels in the blood, helping to reduce heart attack risk). My husband was diagnosed with NEUROPATHY (numbness in hands and feet) several years ago, apparently related to a lack of B12. He was agreed B12 injections monthly at the doctors' office, until we made the switch to this sublingual. It's much more convenient than a trip to the doctor's office a lot cheaper. Research B12 online you'll be shocked at how depleted most Americans are in this substance, particularly females who have used birth control pills. And how essential B12 is to nerve conduction. Wonderlab's Advanced B12 helps us not only with energy levels but seems to improve reminiscence and performance (stamina). Not to mention the fact that it has kept the progress of my husband's neuropathy at bay he even thinks it may have improved. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this assess helpful to you?a0 a0 B. Kimmel says: 9 of 9 people found the foollwing assess helpful: Sublingual B-12 tablets, June 8, 2008Bya0 (Chandler, AZ USA) a0a0 This assess is from: Like this product! What more can I say. My wife and I started taking it. We had some concerns over the use of a sublingual vs. a liquid. The tablets are not stark, dissolve easily, and go excellent. We noticed increased energy immediately.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this assess helpful to you?a0 a0

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1. Statements and claims on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or diagnose any ailment or disease.

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