ZeoForce naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal.  It can also be used externally for face & body masques, or added to your bath water for a detoxifying soak. Vegan Formula..

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ZeoForce (180 vegan capsules)*

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ZeoForce takes zeolite to the next level with this outstanding vegan formula.

Stop paying for dilute, expensive liquids! 100% Pure! 100% Hardcore!


ZeoForce is a non-toxic, deeply detoxifying, & alkalizing dietary supplement from Earth Clay that can be used internally and externally to help rid the body of toxins such as heavy metals, ammonia and other harmful chemicals and environmental substances*.

Benefits increase with continued usage. ZeoForce naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal*. It can also be used externally for face & body masques, or added to your bath water for a detoxifying soak. ZeoForce is Clinoptilolite mineral CONCENTRATE  micro reduced to the size red blood cells for optimum absorption and potency that diluted liquids simply cannot match.

Available now in both Powder and Capsules. Capsules can be opened and added to liquids. The zeolite cage in ZeoForce is 100% intact.

Cleansing Face/Body Mask: Mix 4 tablespoons to 4 teaspoons of water. You can also add one capsule of HealthForce CoQ10 and a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional benefits. Do NOT overdue the essential oil and test on a smaller area first to assure that it does not irritate your skin or eyes. Avoid the area around your eyes when applying. Spread a thin layer on your face and allow it to dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly, using the ZeoForce to exfoliate. Follow with a moisturizer if your skin needs one. You can also expand this recipe for full body coverage (spread as thick as you wish).

Detoxifying Bath: Add 1/4 - 1 cup (or any quantity you desire) to your bath water for a deeply detoxifying soak. Do all 3 methods for the ultimate detox effect!

ZeoForce Technical Specs:

  • Mineral Component: Clinoptilolite
  • Overall surface area is greater than 250 Sq. Feet per Gram
  • Positively charged minerals: Potassium, Calcium, & Sodium
  • Magnetically purified & sanitized for ultimate purity
  • The most cost effective Zeolite on the market!

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 4 VeganCaps

Amounts per Serving: Zeolite 1500 mg**

Suggested Usage:

2 VeganCaps per day.

MORE INTENSIVE USAGE: 6  20 VeganCaps per day.

Adjuncts: An organic, whole food Vegan diet with emphasis on high water content raw foods; HealthForces foundational nutritional products (such as Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth), our HealthForce Healing Cleanse, exercise (try rebounding!), strength exercises, and a positive attitude.

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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Removing Toxins
  • Heavy Metals
  • Supporting Immune System
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Toxin Build Up
ZeoForce (400 Grams Powder)*
ZeoForce (400 Grams Powder)* HealthForce Nutritionals

HealthForce Nutritionals
ZeoForce (60 vegan capsules)*
ZeoForce (60  vegan capsules)* HealthForce Nutritionals

HealthForce Nutritionals
Scram (150 Vcaps)*
Scram (150 Vcaps)* HealthForce Nutritionals

HealthForce Nutritionals


Tuesday 25 January, 2011
This works! It's a good detox when taken orally, but when I put 2 cups in my bath water and soaked for 20 minutes, i could tell it did an awesome job at detoxifying my body! I had a lot more energy afterward.A good cancer preventative !
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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