ThyroSense special blend is rich in herbs & nutrients to nourish, balance and support healthy thyroid function..
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ThyroSense (120 vegetarian capsule)*

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ThyroSense special blend is rich in herbs & nutrients to nourish, balance and support healthy thyroid function.

Directions for Use: 2 capsules with breakfast or as directed by a health professional. Up to 4 capsules can be taken daily.

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Questions and answers:

Asked on: December 18, 2012
Question: how long before you knotice any benefits from taking thyrosense
Asked on: April 14, 2013
Question: my fiancee had a problem regarding constipation..its also involved with the this medicine effective for her?
  • A: Thyrosense provides overall thyroid support. Her physician would be the best person to advise if this supplement can help her constipation. Here are some supplements that is indicated to help with constipation. I hope this helps her.
Asked on: April 21, 2013
Question: Currently I take synthroid prescription tablets can I eventually replace it with this bottle. My thyroid is under active
  • A: ThyroSense supports a healthy thyroid but only your physician can advise if this or any natural supplement can be substituted for synthroid. 

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