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Advanced Mens Prostate Formula

(90 capsules), Roex
Advanced Mens Prostate Formula (90 capsules) Roex

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32% Off

Support healthy urinary function, Supports healthy male function, Contains Lycopene Buy

Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol

(80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase), Seacoast Natural Health
Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol (80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase) Seacoast Natural Health

From $63.75 
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The formula includes a broad range of natural extracts which have been used with prostate cancer patients and have been under research and long-term study by Dr. Ben Pfeifer, M.D. Lowering PSA


(90 softgels), Irwin Naturals
Prosta-Strong (90 softgels) Irwin Naturals

From $19.07 
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Prosta-Strong is a comprehensive formula developed to support short and long term prostate health.* This multi-nutrient blend includes the combination of scientifically researched herbs and minerals to uniquely support prostate health. Prostatis

Healthy Cells Prostate

(60 tabs), Enzymatic Therapy
Healthy Cells Prostate (60 tabs) Enzymatic Therapy

From $16.75 
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Powerful immune defense plus natural support for detoxification process, targeted to aid the development of healthy prostate cells Buy

Prostate Essence

(60 capsules), Pure Essence Labs
Prostate Essence (60 capsules)* Pure Essence Labs

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Each capsule of Prostate Essence provides more Beta-Sitosterol than a months worth of Saw Palmetto capsules for maximum prostate support Frequent Urination

Prostate Complete

(16 oz), Buried Treasure
Prostate Complete (16 oz) Buried Treasure

From $16.53 
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Buried Treasure developed Men's Prostate Complete to help balance men's hormone levels, prevent inflammation and swelling, improve circulatory and urinary functions, and support a healthy prostate gland. Hormone Imbalance

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Prostate Advantage

(120 softgels), Enzymatic Therapy
Prostate Advantage (120 softgels) Enzymatic Therapy

From $17.94 
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Comprehensive natural nutrition promoting healthy prostate, hormone and urinary functions.Prostate Advantage combines three essential nutrient extracts for maximum results: saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and pygeum. Benefits

Prostate Advantage

(60 softgels), Enzymatic Therapy
Prostate Advantage (60 softgels) Enzymatic Therapy

From $11.90 
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29% Off

Comprehensive natural nutrition promoting healthy prostate, hormone and urinary functions.Prostate Advantage combines three essential nutrient extracts for maximum results: saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and pygeum. Incontinence

Saw Palmetto Double Strength 160 mg

(60 Gels), NOW Foods
Saw Palmetto Double Strength 160 mg (60 Gels) NOW Foods

From $6.76 
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NOW Saw Palmetto delivers 160 mg of premium saw palmetto extract, and is naturally rich in bioflavonoids, sterols and fatty acids, nutrients shown to help support optimal prostate health.* Enlarged Prostate


Natural Prostate Health Complex, American BioSciences
HP8 | Natural Prostate Health Complex American BioSciences

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21% Off

HP8 provides prostate cancer support, and is a safe alternative to PC-SPES and other herbal prostate cancer formulas. Benefits

Cell Forte IP-6 Inositol

(120 Veg Capsules), Enzymatic Therapy
Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol (120 Veg Capsules) Enzymatic Therapy

From $15.26 
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29% Off

IP-6 & Inositol is a natural dietary supplement that helps keep your immune system healthy and strong. 120 Veg Capsules

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Prostate Health Formula

(60 Caps), Natural Factors
Prostate Health Formula (60 Caps)* Natural Factors

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29% Off

Prostate Health Formula is a potent herbal remedy that helps to promote healthy prostate function. Lowering Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Super Saw PalmettoNettle Root Formula

(60), Life Extension
Super Saw Palmetto/Nettle Root Formula *(60) Life Extension

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25% Off

Life Extension Super Saw almetto/Nettle Root - Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root have been found to be very effective in helping to reduce the inflammation associated with an enlarged prostate. Lowering Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Prosta Logic

(60 capsules), Kyolic
Prosta Logic (60 capsules) Kyolic

From $22.40 
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29% Off

Designed by James Balch, M.D., a board certified urologist, this proprietary blend contains Aged Garlic Extract which research shows is good for prostate health by reducing prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels. Reducing Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA Test Levels

SagaPro Bladder Health

(30 capsules), EuroPharma
SagaPro Bladder Health (30 capsules)* EuroPharma

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Unlike saw palmetto extracts, which are intended to support healthy PSA levels and prostate function, and are recommended only for men, SagaPro Supports Healthy Bladder Strength and Function for Men and Women. 30 capsules

800 Prostate Support

(120 caps), Nature's Life
800 Prostate Support (120 caps) Nature's Life

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26% Off

Nature's Life 800 Prostate Support contains standardized saw palmetto extract, herbs, minerals and flax oil supplement. 120 caps

Cell Forte Max3

(120 caps), Enzymatic Therapy
Cell Forte Max3 (120 caps) Enzymatic Therapy

From $21.76 
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27% Off

Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte Max combines IP6 with Maitake and POA Cat's Claw for triple strength killer cell and immune support. Cleansing Liver


(60 vcaps), Moducare
ModuProst (60 vcaps) Moducare

From $13.59 
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14% Off

ModuProst Leader in Daily Prostate Health, Supports Prostate Performance and Optimizes Urinary Flow Improving urine Flow

Prostate 5LX

(120 Liquid Vcap), New Chapter Nutrition
Prostate 5LX  (120 Liquid Vcap)* New Chapter Nutrition

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35% Off

New Chapter - Prostate 5LX 120 Caps, Premium 320 mg Saw Palmetto Complex. Supporting quality of life while promoting healthy prostate function and normalizing urine flow. Inhibits 5-lipoxygenase and promotes normal prostate cell growth. Supporting Quality of Life


(120 softgels), Seacoast Vitamins
Prostapower (120 softgels) Seacoast Vitamins

From $31.42 
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18% Off

Prostate Power, helps maintain a Healthy Prostate. Can help to improve urination control. Buy

Ultra Natural Prostate with ApresFlex and Standardized Lignans

(60 softgels), Life Extension

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25% Off

Ultra Natural Prostate with ApresFlex and Standardized Lignans (60 Softgels) can help reduce inflammation and pain due to an enlarged prostate. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

PalmettoGuard Saw Palmetto with Beta-Sitosterol

(30 softgels), Life Extension

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25% Off

PalmettoGuard Saw Palmetto with Beta-Sitosterol- Promotes prostate health and normal urinary flow. Shrinking Prostate Gland
just started taking Q+ have not had PSA test yet so will comment after test
Prostate cancer cancer discovered - PSA was 38. Had the surgery - 11 years ago. After surgery, PSA down to "0" but began to rise within 2 months. At the recommendation of another Urologist, began taking a similar product. PSA went back to "0". Began taking this product when that product was no longer available. My PSA remains at "0".
the only product that has helped reduce my PSA, down from 14.5 to 0.5, in 8 weeks.
it confirmed my hopes that I could lower my PSA. It was recomended by a fellow survivor.
Having a PSA of 106 ten weeks ago my PSA is at presend 48, thanks to Quercetin Plus from Dr Donsbach ,I have used other products but not eny results as good as Quercetn .
Purchased 3 bottles, Have been taking 4 cap per day (2- am 2- pm.) Started with a PSA of 9.5 after 160 caps PSA of 9.6. Should I increase or reduce dose? Any suggestions? Thanks
I had prostate surgery in 2004 followed by radiation but the PSA kept "creeping up". I had been on Casodex and Avodart which worked for about three years but then PSA started going up again. I started taking six Prostasol a day and my PSA dropped from 0.48 to 0.28 in three months. It made a believer out of me. Thanks, Dr Donsbach.
Wow! What a great product! My husbands physician recommended him to try this product after his PSA reading was at 16. After 8 months of taking this his PSA is at 0. Thank you Seacoast Vitamins for supplying a great product for men who suffer with higher PSA levels.
My PSA has always been relatively high for my age. I am now 52. My last reading was 4.35 about 4 months ago and the doctors wanted to do a biopsy. I have been on Prostasol one month now and just had my PSA again, it was down to 1.8. The is the lowest reading I have ever had. Before this my lowest PSA was 2.0 and that was 12 years ago! Only side affect has been some slight breast tenderness. Something in this product really works! I will keep taking it to see if my PSA will drop even lower.
Quercetin Plus/Prostasol is the main product in our successful campaign to reduce my husbands PSA and keep it under control. Seacoast service is very fast and reliable.
When I started using Quercetin Plus about 4 months ago, my PSA was 75.6. After 4 months, it was 32.5. My doctor recommended that I try it since he had a patient whose PSA went to zero. I am going to have another PSA test in November and am hoping it goes down even further. I will write another review at that time to let everyone know the outcome.
I will recomend Prostasol it did slow down my PSA progression in just 5 weeks .I will continued to use it.
My doctor recommended I use Quercetin Plus. I just recently started using it, have not had another PSA test yet, therefore I will comment after next test.
My PSA has gone from 19 to 0 and has remained at 0 for the two years I have been taking this product.
Hi from Australia. Diagnosd at age 59 with psa 32, gleason 4+4=8,with mets to the bones. Also diagnosed with renal cancer. Twelve months on HT psa fell to 1.0, but all the usual side effects. Had 50% bad kidney removed; seems ok now. Started on Prostasol, ok for 12 months but received a "faulty batch" of Prostasol and psa leapt to 13.5. Repeated HT (Lucrin) with Cosudex and Proscar for 13 months (a la Leibowitz protacol), and psa dropped to 0.1. Started taking Quercetin Plus and psa has remained less than 0.1. Sore tits and big ones, but I am still standing. No apparent spread to bone mets. Seacoast is efficient, especially in delivery to Aus. Keep up the good work!
I AWAYS HAVE HAD HIGH PSA NUMBERS ,I have been on Quercetin Plus for three months and my PSA went from 11.4 to .77 and all my other symptoms improved. I could not be more pleased. I'm 64 years old and will be on this product for a long time. thank you
I purchased this product for my father who is 83 yo and was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. his psa post radiation came down to 1.5 along with the use of lupron depot and casodex; however, the psa started to elevate at a very high velocity and went to 80.2. the oncologist recommended the use of some natural product to reduce psa and thats when i discovered the quercetin/prosasol. after six and a half week at 2 cap twice daily dosing, his psa dropped 10 points to 70.2 and the oncologist is very happy with the results. we will continue the regimen and will recheck psa in 3 months. lets prey it will come down at a nice rate. God Bless and my best wishes to all... Sincerely,,,, Majid.A Pharm.D
My PSA was 4.8 one month ago. I have been taking 4 capsules a day for the last month and was just retested. My PSA dropped to 1.6. Now I will take 3 capsules per day for the next month and be retested.
i have had prostate cancer for over 10 years. i have been using the watch and wait strategy augmented by herbals and diet. P.C. calm is the central herbal product in my arsenal. i have been taking it for almost 7 years. my PSA is only 12.2 at last reading. i take 5 pills twice a day on an empty stomach. i am very pleased with the results of this product. when starting up, your PSA will rise. it will go down in following months and stay well controlled. stopping this product will result in a rapid increase in PSA.
Prostasol/Quercetin Plus has done a great job in holding my PSA to insignificant numbers for many years, at times with as few as 2 capsules per day. I have also taken as many as 12 a day when cancer has become more aggressive and it continues to lower my PSA. Rarely there have been batches that have not worked, but it has been quite consistently potent over the last few years. I was diagnosed in 2/92 with a PSA of 14 and a gleason of 5.
Sent to us by: R.S. I Initially was on P.C. Spes & Now on Prostasol & Now in my fifth year since being diagnosed, I have had no other form of treatment. My PSA was "29" with gleason of "7" with positive cancer in "4" out of "6" core samples. My Latest E.T. Bone scans were ok not spread. My PSA is now .02. (Well Done Prostol)
In 1999 I had my prostate gland removed because of cancer. By late 2005, my PSA had risen to 15. Needless to say, I have recurrent prostate cancer. I started using Prostasol at four capsules per day and had my PSA checked after two months. It had dropped to 0.3! Four months later, on one capsule per day it had declined to 0.1. My testosterone had also declined to 34 and I suspect this may be at least part of the reason for the PSA decline. The side effects are slight breast enlargement ans slight nipple tenderness. Nevertheless, I will continue to use Prostasol as long as it suppresses PSA so dramatically. It is a good product that actually works with tolerable side effects.
I have had surgery to remove my Prostate. After the surgery my PSA was 2.7. My doctor wanted to continue treating the residual cancer with hormone shots...a shot every three/four months at a cost of approx. $2,000.00 per shot for 3-5 years. The time between the surgery and my first visit back to my doctor, I found Prostasol/Quercetin on the internet. Within 10 days my PSA was reduced to 0.7 and within a month it was reduced to less than 0.1. That was 4 years 6 months ago and my PSA is still l/t 0.1. I am looking forward to celebrating my 5th year of having a 0.1 or less PSA in June 2008. My only wish is that I had found this product before I agreed to the surgery.
After getting a negative result from having radiation treatment I started using Prostasol. After using Prostosol for two weeks I started to see a decline in my PSA. Combined with other therapies like diet and meditation and then using the Prostosol for just six weeks I got a zero reading in my PSA. I would recommend anyone suffering from prostate cancer to try this product.
I have been using this product for about four years now and it has kept my PSA to below 1.0 from a high of 15. It really does work.
Have been taking the Prostasol for a year and my PSA is down to 0.4. I only need one capsule every other day for maintainance. My only problem is tender nipples and loss of libido. Otherwise product is superb
Been using these for the last four months for my father who has Advanced Prostate cancer and really believe that they have helped lower his PSA reading. It was 290 in December and now in March is 26! Great news.
I used this for my dad who has advanced prostate cancer in December 2009 when his PSA reading was 290 by the end of March his reading was 26!
After radiation my PSA was 0,21. Now the aggressive cancer is back (glaeson : 10) and I started Prostasol at PSA 4,1 (doubling time : 5 months) Within 3 months it dropped to 0,32! First month 6/day, then 2 months 4/day, now 2/day. Together with Asparine against blood clots, and Pomi-T + Maitake-D, both 3/day. The doctors can't stop the cancer anymore they say, Prostasol (and healthy living) can up to now! Pity it is so expensive.
prostasol works great, after initially taking 4/day, my PSA (doubling time 5 months, after MRI guided cryo surgery in 2012) went from 4.8 to 0.21 in 3 months. now one/day.
Use caution while using this product. I am 37 with a gleason 9 cancer. I had an RP in the summer of 2006 but my PSA began to rise just after surgery. I began using prostasol in April of 2007 and it droped my PSA from a 4.2 to a 0.1. I experenced enlarged brests and nipple tenderness. One thing that I was not prepaired for was the blood clot in the lung that almost killed me. All of my doctors aggreed that it was due to the Prostasol and told me to stop taking it, which I did. Prostasol did wonders for my PSA but the thought of another blood clot scares me too much to take it again.
I started taking postasol when my PSA hit 6.5 (fpsa 9%). I too one cap per day and after 3 months my psa was >.1 = in other words, a very positive result = while I too had slight enlargement of my breasts and nipple tenderness I also had problems with clots. My symptom was severe hemroids. I went down to 1 cap per week, PSA went up to 2.8 -- 'roids gone. I have since stopped prostasol altogether. In my opinion, if you plan on using this supplement, inform your doctor and make sure you take some kind of anticoagulant as an adjuvant. In my opinion, without using anticoagulants you otherwise risk severe complications (i.e. blot clotting as noted in other comments).
In 2002 at the age of 71, I was diagnosed with mid-grade prostate cancer after elevated psa readings and a prostate biopsy. One physician wanted me to have radioactive seeds planted in my prostate. Another wanter me to undergo 6 months of preise radiation treatments. I went to the Immune Recovery and Wellness Clinic in Tuscon Arizona run by Bobbie Shepherd (which I highly recommend). After three weeks of treatment and tests there, I was discharged with a supply of what is now called Quercitin Plus, or Prostasol. Six months after an initial period of doing 3 caps 3 times a day my PSA was analyzed and it was 0.01! I have continued using this "miracle" formula at a maintenance dose of 1 cap a day, and today (July 21, 2009) my PSA is 0.05. I even stopped uysing it once for 6 months to see what would happen. My PSA bounced back to 5.0 so I resumed my maintenance dose. My PSA almost immediately dropped back to 0.05. Today I have no symptoms of prostate cancer. Unlike some relatives who elected traditional medical treatments (surgery, radiation, chemo) I am free of any cancer problems. I was once told that this compound is a phytoestrogen which is simply masking my problem. So what? Tradition medical hormonal treatment doesn't appear to me to offer anything close to what this formula does.
p.c. calm. this is great stuff. i have used it for over 7 years to fight prostate cancer. i have hac P.C. for about 10 years. no surgery or radiation. I use herbs alone. my PSA was 5.5 when first biopsied. the last PSA done 1 month ago, was 10.5. this is after 10 years. it has never been over 12.6. i am 63 with m.s.. knowing my immune system works poorly i am doubly surprised this product works so well. i started taking 4 pills on an empty stomach, twice a day; 12 hours apart. PSA went up for a couple months then down, where it stayed. i use other herbs as well such as beta sitosterol. however, this is my core dependable treatment. as i get older i find i need more to control the cancer. i now take 5 pills twice a day. it isn't a cure but it sure beats all the other options for me.
After taking Quercetin + for 14 days my psa dropped from 11.3 to 8.2. During that time I averaged 2 capsules a day. I will continue taking 1 per day and monitor my psa. After the 2nd day I noticed a huge improvement in my urinary functions. Most pain and urgency was gone. The only side effect that I have noticed so far is a very slight tenderness in my nipples. Concerning the service from Seacoast, it is the best I have ever experienced from any on-line retailer. On the 3rd day after I placed the order, the package was in my mailbox. I highly recommend this product.
I have used it since PC Spes was taken off the market. At first it was PC PLUS, then something else and then Prostasol. I reccomend it to anyone with prostate cancer. I started PC PLUS in March 2000. I have not had chemotherapy or surgery. Only using the above with some diet modifications. I stopped Prostasol for 2 years. My psa had increased slowly to 7, then finally jumped from 7 to 11 in the last 6 months so I started using Prostasol again, one a day and in 3 months the psa was down to 8.4.
I first heard or Quercetin from one of my wifes patients. He had been using Quercetin for 4 years and has succesfully kept his PSA at <.06. I started one pill a day and mine also went to that same level, no worries I will go up to two pills. I have not figured out why the doctors don't really want to research this but they don't. This is one time where Herbal medicene rules. It helps when you have a nurse for wife who has a cousin that is a pharmasist. If you have a high PSA try this what do you have to lose?
I am fighting advanced prostate cancer. SO FAR, prostasol has helped keep the PSA level down. Have done hormone treatments with pharmacuticals, but prefer prostasol. Breasts are very tender, but is the same with pharmacuticals. Price is very hgh, but it works so far. This is life and death; it should be available to more men at a lower price. GB
I had my prostate removed in January 2001 because I had cancer. I had no radiation, and no chemo, just the radical prostatectomy. The PSA went down to 0.02 right after the surgery but has slowly risen ever since. In the spring of 2009 it went rose to 1.11 and in July it went up to 1.80 the highest it has ever been by far. My doctor suggested a change in my extensive supplement regiment. She increased my dosage of EGCG (an extract of green tea) and vitamin D3, and had me take dry vitamin E, zinc and vitamin B12 in addition to all the other supplements I've been taking for years. My PSA went down to 1.50 in August and stayed right there again in October. Then she suggested Equiguard about 2 or 3 months ago. So far so good. My last PSA test went down to 1.32. In the nine years since my surgery this is the first time I've had 3 PSA tests in a row without an uptick in the numbers. I am very relieved. We'll see if this new downward trend continues in the months ahead.
I started using the products on some of my Prostate Cancer patients two months ago and I am already seeing immediate reduction in their PSA levels. I will update the info later after we do further testing and repeat the biopsy. Ahmad Nasri, HD
Information about this product used with DES hormone treatment for prostate cancer was included in a clinical trial by American Cancer SocietyAfter staring tx with Prostasol and DES, my husband had a significant drop in PSA count from 302 to 78, and the reduction lasted for 6 months.
Here is a email a customer with prostate cancer sent us about his success with IP-6: "After 12 months of using Dr. Shamsuddin's IP6+Inositol to fight prostate cancer, my PSA is down to 4.11 in May 2004 from a high of 9.3 in May 2003. " IP-6 is one of our best selling products, and we have heard nothing but good news about it from our customers!
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