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Prostate problems account for nearly 2.7 million doctor visits in North America every year. Many men, especially those over the age of 50 will experience painful and challenging prostate problems in their lifetime. A swollen prostate gland will cause a variety of problems in sexual function and urinary function. Unfortunately, prostate cancer will also plague a great number of men as they increase in age. The encouraging news is that there is now an innovative and natural approach to helping relieve prostate discomfort and in treating cancer of the prostate.

Prostasol was developed using all-natural ingredients that have been proven to improve prostate health. It is a unique composition of ingredients that relieves prostate discomfort and has been shown to significantly lower PSA (prostate-specific antigen) readings. PSA levels that are elevated can be indicative of prostate cancer, which is why they are a significant marker for progress in treating prostate cancer as well as other prostate problems such as prostatitis (inflamed prostate) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) (enlarged prostate).

Prostasol was developed in response to the overwhelming number of patients who needed relief and were looking for an alternative treatment to some of the more radical approaches to treating prostate cancer and other prostate problems. Prostasol contains several tried and true, natural ingredients that are known to help relieve prostate problems such as saw palmetto and pygeum. However, research continued for something more effective in promoting prostate health. Through research, it was discovered the potential of using plant sterols. There is evidence that many prostate problems can be linked to autoimmune activity. Plant sterols and sterolins have been found to effectively treat autoimmune responses in the body.

The Autoimmune Link

There is growing research that shows that many prostate problems and even cancer may be the result of an immune system that is over-stressed and then attacks normal tissue in the body. This process is called an autoimmune reaction and is well-documented in a variety of medical issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, etc. Sterols and sterolins work to modulate the immune system, stopping the attack on normal tissue. Gradually, the inflammation diminishes along with uncomfortable symptoms.

Research: Sterols and Sterolins

Recent research indicates that plant-derived cholesterol analogues, known as sterols and sterolins, may have excellent health-promoting benefits. Human research indicates plant sterols and sterolins have important anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and T-cell proliferation activity. They have adaptogenic properties which are very valuable.

South African Journal of Science, v. 93, pp. 263-268, June 1999, Karl H. Pegel, Dept. of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, Univ. of Natal, Durban

This randomized placebo controlled study involved 177 patients with enlarged prostate glands. The study was designed to assess the safety and efficacy of using beta-sitosterol in treating this condition. Statistically significant results over the placebo control were noted. Quality of life scores and prostate symptom scores showed statistically significant improvement. These results indicate that beta-sitosterol is, in fact, an effective treatment for individuals with prostate problems.

British Jrnl of Urology, v. 80(3), pp. 427-432, Sept. 1997, Klippel, K.F; Hiltl, D.M.; Schipp, B.; German BPH Phyto Study Group

A plant-based fat has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate, colon and breast cancer cells, say University of Buffalo researchers. The study, presented at the annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology showed that the phytosterol, beta-sitosterol, reduced the number of cancer cells grown in a laboratory setting by 66 percent. It is known that beta-sitosterol reduces the levels of testosterone and certain enzymes that metabolize testosterone into more active forms. They also found that beta-sitosterol enhances an intracellular signaling system that tells cells not to divide.

Other Ingredients in Prostasol

Another powerful ingredient in Prostasol is quercetin. Quercetin has shown to be valuable in preventing and treating prostate cancer, according to research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Our laboratory results showed quercetin blocks the hormone activity in androgen-responsive human prostate cancer cell lines, said Nianzeng Xing, a Mayo researcher who presented his findings at the recent meeting in New Orleans of the American Association for Cancer Research. By blocking the androgen activity, the growth of prostate cancer cells can be prevented or stopped, he said. Our study suggests quercetin may be a non-hormonal approach to accomplish that goal.

Prostasol also contains an assortment of effective Chinese herbs that have long been proven to improve prostate health and help relieve symptoms. Prostasol really is the best combination of all the natural products known to promote overall prostate health, relief uncomfortable symptoms, reduce inflammation, and help treat prostate cancer. It has been extremely effective in significantly reducing PSA levels for suffering men and is very promising in its continued ability to treat the prostate.

No Hormones

Prostasol was originally developed in 1999 as PC Plus and was manufactured in a liquid form for better absorption. However, the taste was so bad that a capsule form was developed, with the hope that people would be more consistent in taking the treatment. PC Plus is now Prostasol. The most common question concerning Prostasol is whether it contains hormones. Prostasol does not contain hormones and goes through regular testing to ensure that it is not contaminated with hormones. Lab tests performed include infrared spectrographs and HPLC tests. All tests completely verify the lack of any contamination or addition of hormones or other chemicals.

Side Effects

Prostasol is loaded with phytoestrogenic nutrients and herbs, which may cause some symptoms similar to the use of female hormones, such as, breast tenderness. Some men have found that the use of Progesterone Cream topically or the addition of Curcumin or Phenocane (Curcumin plus DLPA) reduces breast tenderness.


Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol

(80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase), Seacoast Natural Health
Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol (80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase) Seacoast Natural Health

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The formula includes a broad range of natural extracts which have been used with prostate cancer patients and have been under research and long-term study by Dr. Ben Pfeifer, M.D.

Prostasol Quercetin Plus

(80 caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase), Seacoast Natural Health
Prostasol / Quercetin Plus (80 caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase)* Seacoast Natural Health

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Prostasol contains a broad range of herbs and dietary supplements designed to provide supplemental help to those with prostate cancer or other prostate problems.

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