Neuro-ps side effect

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Neuro Optimizer

(120 capsules), Jarrow Formulas
Neuro Optimizer (120 capsules) Jarrow Formulas

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Neuro-Optimizer is a safe, natural way to enhance brain metabolism and cognition without the use of stimulants. Buy
PGX Daily | Benefits, Treatments & Side Effects
PGX is the new science of appetite control. The PGX program can be a comfortable way to improve eating habits for life.

Niacin 500mg Time Release

(250 Tabs), Seacoast Vitamins
Niacin 500mg Time Release (250 Tabs) Seacoast Vitamins

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Seacoast Time Release Niacin is dispersed into the body evenly to eliminate flushing, a side effect commonly known with taking niacin. It speeds metabolism, produces energy, and helps maintain proper metabolism. Buy

Anti Tox EMF Spray

(1 oz), Liddell (Liddel)
Anti Tox EMF Spray (1 oz) Liddell (Liddel)

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Liddell Anti-Tox EMF Electromagnetic Field Radiation was formulated by a homeopathic doctor to antidote the minor effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Liddell (Liddel)

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Prostate Formula - Male Urinary Tract

, Christophers Original Formulas
Prostate Formula - Male Urinary Tract Christophers Original Formulas

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Dr Christopher Prostate Formula Helps Promote Healthy Prostate Function and urinary tract. Prostate Health
had gout attack in both of my knees could not walk at all start taking Yucca AR all pain and swelling was gone in 3 days back to biking 10 miles aday very good product with no side effect
I also want use dis bt i rly cnfusd plz give me surety abt dis .i m fight wth obesty nd i hate myself becz of dis .tl me dis is safe for use nd rly no side effect?

L-Theanine - Suntheanine

(200 mg 60 Vcaps), NOW Foods
L-Theanine - Suntheanine (200 mg 60 Vcaps) NOW Foods

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L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea which helps to promote relaxation without the drowsiness or negative side effects. L-Theanine also supports healthy cardiovascular function through this relaxing effect. This formulation also includes Inositol, a member of the B-Vitamin family that is essential for brain and nervous system health. Buy

Organic Super B-Complex

(60 tablets), The Synergy Company
Organic Super B-Complex (60 tablets)* The Synergy Company

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Essential for combating daily stress, Organic Super B-Complex features a perfectly balanced blend of organic , whole food B vitamins and co-factors just as nature intended. Offers exceptional value with 60 tablets per bottle and just one tablet daily (less than 40 cents per day!) Organic Super B-Complex

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Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate

(90 v-caps), Life Extension
Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate (90 v-caps)* Life Extension

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Breakthrough Form of Magnesium Enhancing Memory


(1000 mg 100 capsules), Life Extension
Glycine (1000 mg 100 capsules)* Life Extension

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Most Glycine products are only available in 500 milligram capsules providing optimal brain and sleep support. Buy
I purchasedAlgaeCal Plus from a Canadian distributor. However, found that within 30 to 4O minutes would have diahrria (mispelled that word) has anyone else experienced this side effect and I only took 2 of the pills. Perhaps I am allergic to this type of calcium Any suggestions would be helpful.
they said it's good to normalized my thyroid so i tried it. up to now i still don't know what s the side effect, all i know is that its a good source of essential mineral iodine, which is impt. support for a healthy thyroid function


, Standardized (90 caps), Nature's Way
Valerian, Standardized (90 caps) Nature's Way

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Nature's Way Valerian Standardized promotes a restful sleep naturally, without the side effects commonly associated with administered sleep aids. Wake up refreshed! Gentle enough for daytime use to calm anxiety and nervousness. Valerian

Neuro Logic

(120 capsules), Kyolic
Neuro Logic (120 capsules) Kyolic

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29% Off

his exclusive formula, designed by Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D., a board certified neurologist, contains Aged Garlic Extract, which has neuron-protective and neurotrophic effects. Kyolic


(90 Vcaps), NutriCology
TriBiotics (90 Vcaps) NutriCology

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34% Off

A unique herbal formulation for GI probiotic balance, the culmination of efforts to combine probiotic enhancers into a mixed formulation.* Tribiotics contains berberine sulfate, artemisinin, citrus seed extract and black walnut hulls. Benefits
Having had too many side effects with prescription medications (due to allergies and intolerance), I am using PS and finding that I sleep better, think clearer, feel less stressed, and am functioning in a better way, in a very short time of taking this product. This is the first time in 3 years that I'm seeing/feeling any difference in my health, since the accident.

Maitake D Fraction

(360 capsules), Mushroom Wisdom
Maitake D Fraction (360 capsules)* Mushroom Wisdom

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23% Off

Ultimate Support for a Healthy Immune System, Maitake D-Fraction contains a unique protein-bound Beta-1,3/1,6 glucan, D-fraction. Herbal Extracts
I started taking this about 5 weeks ago and when I had my period this month, all went well except I noticed that I continued to spot until day 15 of my cycle - this is unusual and I can not find anything on the internet about this side effect, however I talked to my sister who is also on it and she said that she spotted until day 10 this month and that was also unusual for her. Has anyone else had this problem?
I have used Equiguard for over seven years. Its side effects are minimal, and it seems to keep down inflamation in the urinary system. I had samples tested several years ago to gage the effect it had on cultured prostate cancer cells. The results were positive for causing apoptosis of both hormonally sensitive and hormonally insensitive cells, although I have not found any human trial studies for Equiguard that might shed light on its direct anti-prostate-cancer properties. Over-dosage of Equiguard will result in excessive urinary flow and escapement, so it should be used with care.
After taking Quercetin + for 14 days my psa dropped from 11.3 to 8.2. During that time I averaged 2 capsules a day. I will continue taking 1 per day and monitor my psa. After the 2nd day I noticed a huge improvement in my urinary functions. Most pain and urgency was gone. The only side effect that I have noticed so far is a very slight tenderness in my nipples. Concerning the service from Seacoast, it is the best I have ever experienced from any on-line retailer. On the 3rd day after I placed the order, the package was in my mailbox. I highly recommend this product.

Saw Palmetto Complex

(60 softgels), NutriCology

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34% Off

Saw Palmetto Complex provides the highest quality standardized saw palmetto extract available. In addition to the recommended 320 mg of palmetto extract, this formulation provides 120 mg of beta-sitosterol, the major active principle in pygeum. May help regulate the effect of endogenous hormones on the prostate gland
The product works. And it has a cumulative effect, so you can reduce the dosage over time and keep getting the same effect!
Unfortunately I had a severe side effect within minutes of drinking this vitamin. I have used the daily tablets for over two years and love this vitamin. But users should not mix the drink with V-8 or tomato juice. The instructions say it can be mixed with "ANY" juice so I thought this would work. The flavor is not the best alone. But about 10 minutes after drinking only half of the vitamin mixture my face and arms began to burn. Soon I was so flushed I appeared to have a severe sunburn over all my face and neck. Since I had not eaten or drank anything else in the past hour -- it had to have been the liquid Alive. Not sure why this happened. I was really looking forward to using this product. But I'll definitely be returning to the daily tablets.


(Curcumin) (60 capsules), OxyLife

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Phenocane is a safe and popular alternative to aspirin, giving you all of the benefits without the harmful side effects. Reducing Inflammation

Phenocane Curcumin

(120 capsules), OxyLife

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31% Off

Phenocane Pain Management Anti-Inflammatory. Helps Reduce Arthritis Pain. Fast Relief without Side Effects. Buy Today at! Relieving Back Pain
Learning Factors has really helped with my 7 yr old son's ADD problems. He's more focused now & is doing so much better in school, after taking Learning Factors for only about 1 month! His teacher has noticed a HUGE difference in his reading, he reads faster & better, & he even volunteers to help other children in his class when they need it. He's more confident at school, & even says he likes school now! He used to say he hated it & beg to stay home every day. Now I don't have any problems with him getting dressed & out the door in the mornings! He also is at the top of his class now in his special-ed reading class, reading at 105 words per minute, most of the other kids read in the 80's or 90's per minute, he's the only one reading over 100 words per minute. His goal that his teacher gave him was to read 93 words per minute & he's surpassed that by far! This is such a great product, because I was considering giving him Concerta which his doctor thought he should try, but I wanted to wait awhile to see if the Learning Factors supplements would "kick in" to effect. & they have, even sooner than expected! I really didn't want to give my son a prescription drug, because I was afraid of the possible side effects. & now I don't have too! & since this is such a safe & natural product, I don't have to worry about any side effects!

Phosphatidylserine - PS

(100 mg 60 softgels), Natural Factors

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Natural Factors Phosphatidylserine (PS) is naturally derived from soy phospholipids and is a natural nutrient found in the brain where it plays a major role supporting healthy brain functions such as memory, focus and clarity. Natural Factors


(100 mg 120 capsules), Jarrow Formulas

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22% Off

Cogni-PS promotes brain function by increasing neuronal membrane fluidity (cell-to-cell communication), resulting in improved cognition. PS-100


(Phosphatidylserine) 100 mg Twin Pack, Natural Factors

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Natural Factors PS (phosphatidylserine) is a natural nutrient that enhances memory, focus and clarity, while relieving stress and tension. Buy
Sambucol Cold & Flu Fighter
Sambucol. World renowned original formula, clinically tested, virologist developed. Boost immunity. Unique black elderberry extract rich in immune supporting flavonoids. Cold & Flu Season Special.
are there any side effects, especially when taking medication?

True Focus

(90 V-caps), NOW Foods

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NOW True Focus combines important nutrients to maximize mental agility without the stimulating side effects of caffeine or ephedra. Direct Membership - Discount Prices- from Benefits
- The Ultimate African Mango Fat Burning Supplement. The Top Rated Pure Irvingia Gabonensis Weight Loss, Appetite Suppressing Diet Pill (Health and Beauty) African Mango Burn has really come a long way in nelray eliminating my cravings and snackings to the point that I really haven't changed my diet much and I've still managed to lose 17 pounds in the past month. I think next month I'm gonna join a gym but for now I'm just doing some jogging and some push-ups and I can already see a difference in the way I look in the mirror. The biggest obstacle now is getting the fat off of my middle. Right now I don't look too bad in a t-shirt but I'm definitely not done with trying to lose weight yet. I've also been seeing a big difference in my sleep patterns as I'm no waking up earlier and when I go to bed, I'm sound asleep within just a few minutes and I wake up refreshed. I don't know if this is the results of my increasing exercise or a side effect of African Mango Burn but I definitely welcome it.


. D Drops 1000 IU(1 Unit), Carlson Labs

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23% Off

Vit. D Drops 1000 IU(1 Unit) Get the Vitamin D needed without the harmful effect of the sun exposure. . D Drops 1000 IU1 Unit
Iberogast | Digestive Relief with Iberis Amara | Clowns Mustard
Iberogast Original Formula Every Day Lowest Price 40% Discount Seacoast Vitamins Direct Price.
My teenage daughter was coming home from high school 2-3 times a week with bad headaches concentrating in her upper forehead. After numerous copays to her doctor and a variety of drugs to "help", the headaches continued. One day I went to my vitamin store for my multies and picked up an industry news paper. Inside I saw an advertisement for "Headache Stay Gone". After reading I too had some questions like HOW? and HOW MUCH? so I called. I explained, best I could, my daughters symptoms to the lady on the other end. I decided to take them up on their no cure/no pay warranty. I was informed up front, my daughters symptoms were extreme and a slight increased dose would be probable for best results, at least at first, but most of their customers found it not necessary to continue taking the product after a couple-three months. After the first few weeks the headaches decreased in severity as well as frequency. At that point she went to a reduced dosage and continued a few more weeks. After 3 months her headaches were gone. She finished the bottle, a few more days worth, and I haven't reordered in over 4 years. Just like the lady told me that day I first called. And yes, her headaches are still gone. I've read other reviews and comments concerning the product. I've read numerous comments on other natural "cures" too. It amazes me how many people out there don't like to hear the words cure or cured(you're worth more money to the medical professions if they only "hide" you symptoms). They talk about the "no side effects" claim, and mention children shouldn't take it etc, or possible gastro problems or thisor that, yada yada. Well I ate too much watermelon one time as a child and thought I was dying. One '07 article mentioned, there may be no reports from side affects but there certainly could be. Yes I suppose anything is possible. I suppose one "allergic" to strawberries possibly might have problems eating strawberries. Or someone on oxygen possibly might have breathing problems when smoking. All things are possible! Then why isn't a "cure for headaches" possible, huh? All I know is we tried numerous chemical "drugs", some to be KNOWN as habit forming (not possibly) with NO results. The painful look in my daughters eyes would break my heart, because I knew exactly how she felt. I suffered from headaches for over 20 years, also poisoning my body with habit forming chemicals to HIDE the pain and not curing anything. Fortunately mine went away after a non related sinus surgery. Yes, we looked into that too as a possible cause for my daughters headaches. Numerous tests were performed with no answer except drugs to hide the pain. Looking at the side effects for the alternative "drugs" out there is amazing. Look at Imitrex. I ate those for lunch on my headache days. Worked great, until the next one came along, then the next and the next. Relief but no cure. With Headache Stay Gone, my daughters headaches have, well, stayed gone. That qualifies as a cure in my book. I got on line today to print the info on the website for a nurse friend of mine, who by the way, has convinced herself to live with the pain. I've look into her eyes and "feel her pain". That same feeling I had for so many years, and the same pain I saw in my own daughters eyes. I'm passing the info along to her and have total confidence of the results she will have. By the way, about the side effect issue of herbs and vitamins, listen to the side effect portion of the TV adds of our most popular "drugs" of choice these days. Don't hear much complaining from the medical field about those. Hmmmmmm Dr.s don't get the frequent flier miles and all those free lunches from the drug reps if you go and get your self "CURED". Oh yes they do get frequent flier miles. Other "rewarding" gifts too. Ever wonder why the latest drug get prescribed to most everyone. Cause it works? HAHA New bennies for prescribing. Read up on how many people DIE each year due to drug side effects or wrong drugs given for a particular diagnosis. THOUSANDS... and nothing... NOTHING is done to the Doctor. Oooops he had a reaction. Yet what happens if someone gets sick or dies from taking herbs or vitamins? Its all to do with MONEY!!!!! they don't want you cured. You are worth a lot more sick. I pray headache free days for you too, soon! Have a great day. Greg

Celadrin Msm

(120 caps), NOW Foods

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30% Off

Celadrin is a proprietary esterified fatty acid complex that has been shown to help support healthy joint function and mobility without the adverse side effects often associated with other therapies. Celadrin Msm

GSE Maximum Strength

(Defense Plus) 90 Tabs, NutriBiotic

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23% Off

All of the ingredients in Maximum Strength GSE were chosen for their ability to enhance and compliment the effect of Citricidal. Benefits

Astragalus Root

(100 Caps), Nature's Way

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38% Off

Nature's Way Astragalus Root Capsules. Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is considered to have a normalizing effect on body functions. Astragalus has immune boosting properties. Liver Health

Cayenne 40

,000 HU (180 Caps), Nature's Way

From $7.18 
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34% Off

Nature's Way Cayenne Pepper 40,000 HU Capsules. Cayenne Pepper fruit (Capsicum annuum) is a blood-red warming herb that has an invigorating effect on several body systems. Asthma
An awesome product that works on your body without the side effects of NSAIDS.
want to seee if ther are side effects and can you mix this with other med?
What are any side effects of this products? I cant find it on your www.
any other users? any side effects? would appreciate any reviews or opinions
Please tell me if there are any side effects. Thank you.
Vectomega | Major Advance in Omega 3 Fish Oil Products
Vectomega by Europharma. Fifty times more potent than regular fish oil products. Vectomega delivers superior bioavailability over other EPA/DHA products. Buy Direct from and $ave.
This is a wonderful product. I cannot take over the counter medication. This one works great with no side effects.
I cannot honestly tell that it increases my energy level. It apparently has the herbal effect of increasing one's heartbeat as I find it difficult to sleep after taking this product and can tell that my heart races.
just like ViSwiss, i dont suggest you try this product. it has zero effect. i took some earlier and an hour later i felt NOTHING. save your money and dont buy this crap.
I think it is too early to feel its effect. No improvement until now after about 10 days. Consequently I cannot say yet if I reccomend it or not.
Im use the Sleep Optimizer from Jarrow, it,s very good i really recomende, not side efect!!!
i am a neuro surgeon from bangalore in india and deal with many foot pains and interested in same . kindly give your quotions for the same. my e-mail id is
This works great for ADD and social anxiety. It helps my son. Keeps him balanced. No side effects. All natural.
They shouldnt be kept in a frgide as the air is cold and moist which can effect the vitamins. Like all drugs they should be stored in a cool dry place.
I can't say it had a miraculous effect, but I did notice a difference in both joint and muscle stiffness. Anything that helps me take less doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories is OK by me.

Milk Thistle

, Standardized (60 caps), Nature's Way

From $9.73 
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34% Off

Nature's Way Milk Thistle extract supports normal liver function. The active bioflavanoid complex, silymarin, and silibinin, are powerful antioxidants in the liver and exert a protective effect against substances that may be potentially harmful to the liver. Detoxify

Intestinal Movement Formula

(120 Vcaps), HealthForce Nutritionals

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20% Off

A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that may seriously effect the health of the entire body. Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are key to better health. Gentle enough to use daily. Constipation

Peppermint Essential Oil

(.5oz), Aura Cacia

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20% Off

Peppermint Essential Oil by Aura Cacia is a pure essential oil that cools the body and refreshes the mind and spirit. It originates from the United States and has a healing, renewing effect on the whole body. Aromatherapy

Valerian Extract

(No Shot, Quick Release, 100 Instant Dissolve Mini Tabs), Superior Source Vitamins

From $8.07 
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5% Off

Superior Sources Valerian Extract can impart a calming effect to put your mind at ease. Valerian Root extract can be just what you need to help relax after a long day at the office, or with the kids. Promoting Peace of Mind

Simply Milk Thistle

(60 softgels), Enzymatic Therapy

From $11.69 
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29% Off

Simply Milk Thistle is standardized for consistency to contain 80% silymarin, a group of flavonoid compounds that have a tremendous effect in protecting the liver and enhancing detoxification processes. Gallstones


(120 capsules), FloraHeal

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16% Off

NatuRelax is formulated from some of the most effective herbal remedies known for centuries. Plant extracts contained in NatuRelax have all anti-serotonin and anti-adrenalin properties; they act on the same principles as conventional medicines, but of course, without their side effects. NatuRelax
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