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This is what one of our satisfied customers wrote us about this product: I have just ordered some more IP6+Inositol from you. I thought you might like to know that my PSA cancer marker is down again, once again, from a high of 9.3 in May 2003 to 4.63 in March 2004. It has never risen since I started to take the powder, with tastes quite nice actually. Dr Shamsuddins IP6+INOSITOL was originally recommended by Dr Garg the consultant at my Integrated medicine clinic in Lancashire, England. I had been going there for a successful course of chelation therapy for clogged arteries. Whilst attending the clinic patients are required to report any change in their health. In my case it was a large prostate tumor + some scattered suspects. Dr Garg, a consultant general practitioner and a member of the Medical Ethics Committee for South Lancashire believed this was the best immune system booster that he was aware of. He told me how important it was to boost the immune system, whatever treatment I was going to elect. Radiation and chemo-therapy destroys your immune system and so you really need the IP6+Inositol. The IP6 started to work at once, with 2 reductions in PSA readings, even before I had any other form of treatment. I later started Laterol/DMSO/Vit C infusions and also had my amalgam fillings removed and replaced by non-toxic material. My last infusion were over 6 wks ago and as I only have the IP6 now I must assume that the IP6 is still working. I go to see the Oncologist in April but I have already been told by the Oncologists office that I have nothing to worry about. This should mean that the last MRI scan looked clear. I intend to continue with Dr Shamsuddins formula on a permanent basis as a guard against any form of cancer. I would certainly encourage anyone to take this as part of their fight against cancer. You can use this letter to help and encourage others if you so desire. Regards, Ron Ranson TRADITIONAL WOODCRAFTS WEST YORKSHIRE ENGLAND
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