Biogrow-vite benefits

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Celery Seed Health Benefits
Celery Seed Extract is widely used as an effective diuretic, as well as a dietary supplement to help improve circulation and heart health.
PGX Daily | Benefits, Treatments & Side Effects
PGX is the new science of appetite control. The PGX program can be a comfortable way to improve eating habits for life.

Perm A vite Powder

(300 grams), NutriCology
Perm A vite Powder (300 grams) NutriCology

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Perm A vite is designed to support the body's production of healthy epithelial tissue lining the GI tract.* Degradation of the intestinal lining results in intestinal permeability (also known as "leaky gut"). 300 grams

Time Release Melatonin 1

.2 mg (60 tabs), NutriCology
Time Release Melatonin 1.2 mg (60 tabs) NutriCology

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20% Off

This time release form allows the melatonin to be released slowly into the system over a longer period of time, potentially being particularly beneficial for the aspects of brain chemistry involved in sleep and staying asleep. Benefits

Super Citrimax with Chromium 750 mg

(90 Caps), NOW Foods
Super Citrimax with Chromium 750 mg (90 Caps) NOW Foods

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30% Off

Super CitriMax is a patented all-natural, non-stimulant, safe and effective fruit extract used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages for satiety (at lower dosages) and weight loss (at higher dosages). Benefits

Super-Absorbable CoQ10 with d-Limonene

(50 mg 60 softgels), Life Extension
Super-Absorbable CoQ10 with d-Limonene (50 mg 60 softgels)* Life Extension

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25% Off

Super Absorbable CoQ10 with d-Limonene contains smaller, nano-sized CoQ10 particles that enhance this absorption. Research shows that people taking this formula have higher blood levels of CoQ10 than those taking other ubiquinone formulas.12 Life Extension recommends the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 over this ubiquinone form. Super-Absorbable CoQ10 with d-Limonene

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Great way to get the same benefits of liquid Carlson's Fish Oil, when travelling.
This product does seem to raise testosterone levels,having many benefits to it,I will use this product again.
All the benefits of acidophilus without the dairy of yogurt, which kills me. Can you beat that? In combination with other aicd-, bloating-fighting relievers, I'm doing great.
I think it's too soon to tell if it's working yet. The benefits may not show up for a month or two.
The free trial membership got me in the door to loads of savings. I have since joined and am reaping the benefits of savings
This is the best way to get the Cal-Mag-Zinc..... MRM tasting really good, plus we all know the health benefits.


(formerly V-gest) (90 caps), EnzyMedica
Gastro (formerly V-gest) (90 caps)* EnzyMedica

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High potency amylase enzyme maximizes the digestion of legumes, fibrous vegetables and whole grains, and helps alleviate occasional gas and bloating. Gastro
Very good product that I have taken for years. I eat fish as well but this is a good product to use to insure you get the benefits of fish. Dr. Rosenfeld of Sunday Housecalls recommends that everyone take fish oil so I have taken Fisol for many years now to enjoy the benefits offered by fish oil.
This formula benefits my immune system. The formula reduced the symptoms and duration of the common cold. Mean while I had a bacterial infection the symptoms were not severe and my health was restored very fast.
Well today is the start of my Pro Omega, I'm anxious to see what and how it benefits me. I will keep a diary and keep you all informed.
After only a few weeks, I began to notice an amazing glow to my skin. Also, I have a friend who had undergone chemo therapy. Later, after she was recovered, I noticed that she glowed. After telling her about Camas Prairie Tea, she told me that she had been using it regularly. Also, there is a book called Beyond The Zone. In it is an entire chapter on the benefits of this tea (not the brand, but rather the four herb blend). It is enough to inspire anyone to use it. It indicates that it is very safe and that the benefits only increase with use.

Ivy Extract

(90 tabs), Enzymatic Therapy
Ivy Extract (90 tabs) Enzymatic Therapy

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26% Off

Ivy Leaf Extract benefits building and maintaining healthy lung and bronchial passageway function Allergy

Pine Bark Extract Full Spectrum

(150mg 60 tablets), Planetary Herbals
Pine Bark Extract Full Spectrum (150mg 60 tablets) Planetary Herbals

From $12.65 
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30% Off

Pine polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, giving benefits to the cardiovascular system and the immune system. 150mg 60 tablets


(60 capsules), Kyolic
ModuProst (60 capsules) Kyolic

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29% Off

Saw palmetto, stinging nettle, lycopene and green tea all have significant prostate health benefits. Supports Prostate Health
I just started using this. I am not sure if I have experienced any benefits but will know when I get my TSH checked in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be lower. It was at 5 and I believe the good range is between 1 and 4.
I use it for ischial tuberosity pain that flares up time to time-with the curamin I do not notice it as much. I also take it before I run and it helps with minor aches and pains....i would recomend this product as the health benefits of curamin go beyond just for pain-do your research, it is a very good product.
I've been taking fish oil supplements for many years primarily for the overall health benefits including heart health. Began looking for a product with high levels of EPA and DHA without having to consume too many capsules. Nordic Naturals came to the top of the list. Tried their trial size and now ordering their standard offering.
A WONDERFUL product!!! Will order again soon! The quality is very high. One does not require more than one dose per day in order to reap the benefits. Very different from other brands. Also, the staff is remarkably knowledgeable and helpful in determining the right match for the customer. Best Regards


, Standardized (60 tabs), Nature's Way

From $13.36 
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31% Off

Nature's Way Turmeric Standardized is standardized to 95% curcuminoids, a potent antioxidant. Multiple Health benefits emerging daily while using turmeric. Anti-Inflammatory

Hydraplenish Plus MSM

(60 vcaps), Nature's Way

From $15.26 
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38% Off

Hydraplenish Plus MSM benefits the body in many ways. It helps moisturize the skin internally and improves joints and ligaments. Buy

Best D-Phenyalanine

(500mg - 60 capsules), Doctor's Best

From $13.73 
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42% Off

DOCTOR'S BEST INTRODUCES Best D-Phenylalanine Amino Acid with Potential Benefits for the Relief of Minor Pain Improving Mobility

CLA Extreme

(180 softgels), NOW Foods

From $35.31 
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30% Off

CLA Extreme combines the benefits that active people are seeking with the proven effectiveness of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Over Weight

Liver Powder

(12 oz), NOW Foods

From $11.77 
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30% Off

NOW Beef Liver powder is a convenient way to obtain all the renowned nutritional and benefits of liver. Liver Powder

Royal Jelly 1000 mg

(60 Gels), NOW Foods

From $9.99 
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30% Off

Royal Jelly has extensive health benefits and is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other essential ingredients. Liver Health


(Curcumin) (60 capsules), OxyLife

From $15.73 
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33% Off

Phenocane is a safe and popular alternative to aspirin, giving you all of the benefits without the harmful side effects. Curcumin 60 capsules

Andrographis Extract

(400 mg|90 Vcaps), NOW Foods

From $9.17 
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36% Off

Research has indicated that Andrographis (andrographalides) benefits supporting a healthy and balanced immune system. Vegetarian/Vegan Formula. Other Conditions
I am a genuine coffeeholic and not a particular fan of any tea, but we were served this tea recently in a restaurant and it is absolutely delicious. I have no idea what its long term benefits might be having only had it once, but I will buy and drink it simply for the mouth pleasure. On the other hand, my wife is a tea connoisseur but no particular fan of green teas and her immediate comment was, "this is a delicious tea."
I experienced the miracle of taking rutin for hemmoroids! Took away the pain over night and Ive never had them again!!! Everytime my husband or I have had teeth pulled we never had to take a pain pill as we started taking Rutin 4 or 5 days before out appointment. My husband has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and after reading all the benefits we are going to both start taking Rutin everyday
I can't recommend this product. It left me feeling bloated all the time and constipated. How much water would I need to drink to have the benefits without the bloating? I can't drink more water than I do now (2 liters a day), it's simply not practical for me! Plus, I can't say that it has really curbed my appetite. So, I'm finishing my second bottle and I'm stopping the use of the product.
I had first noticed the level of pain in my joints decreased before I noticed the other effects of the fish oil. This oil is very high concentrated and I have seen nothing but benefits in taking this supplement. I also take Vit D capsules in addition to the fish oil in capsule form and have noticed a sense of well being and my cholesterol has reduced from a high number to an acceptable number. I take it first thing in the morning, wait a short while and then eat breakfast. My doctor tells me that the benefits are greater if you use it that way. I am trying to promote this product to other members of my family. Until you see and feel the difference in your own body, you won't believe it. Great product!

Raw Apricot Kernels

, Rainbow Acres

From $14.41 
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22% Off

Rainbow Acres Raw Apricot Kernels are fresh and delicious. They provide multiple health benefits as they are full of protein, essential fatty acids and vitamin B17. Chemotherapy

DHEA 25mg

(90 caps), Seacoast Vitamins

From $8.06 
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9% Off

DHEA a naturally produced hormone in the human body- diminishes with age; benefits conditions of Lupus, reverses effects of aging, regulates mood Regulating Hormones

Lavender Room and Body Mist

(4 fl.oz), Aura Cacia

From $5.06 
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21% Off

The 100% pure lavender essential oil in this Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist provide true aromatherapy benefits for you body, mind and spirit. Air Freshner

Vitamin D3 400iu

(200 Tabs), Source Naturals

From $5.08 
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40% Off

Source Naturals Vitamin D has many benefits. It helps improve healthy bones and teeth, insulin levels, the immune system, and more. Vision

Coenzyme Q10 100mg

(Bonus Pack) 120 120 Softgels, Natural Factors

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59% Off

Special Offer- 2 pack 120+120 softgels. Coenzyme Co Q10 100mg from Natural Factors promotes cellular balance and energy, and greatly benefits the heart, liver, and kidneys. Skin Health

Fiber-Tastic! powder

(8.5 oz), Renew Life

Less than $22.94 
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15% Off

Fiber-Tastic! is a delicious and convenient way for kids and adults to enjoy the health-promoting benefits of fiber without all the math fuss of gram-counting Renew Life

Freeze Dried Cherry Fruit Extract

(120 capsules), EuroPharma

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20% Off

Freeze drying preserves 100% of the beneficial cherry compounds. Cherry provides powerful, natural health benefits for Joint Health and Flexibility, Glucose Management, Cardiovascular Health and Inflammatory Response. Benefits

Advanced Lipid Cholesterol Control

( 60 vcaps), Life Extension

Less than $22.50 
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25% Off

Advanced Lipid Control contains theaflavins from extracts of black tea providing multiple benefits for arterial health, plus AmlaMax a patent-pending extract of Indian gooseberry. Advanced Lipid Cholesterol Control

SlimStyles PGX

(180 capsules), Natural Factors

Less than $20.97 
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29% Off

PGX (PolyGlycopleX) is a completely unique blend of highly purified soluble fibers providing important health benefits including glucose balance, appetite control and reduced food cravings. High Blood Pressure

Milk Thistle Extract

(250mg 90 capsules), Natural Factors

Less than $13.77 
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40% Off

Milk Thistle Extract with the added benefits of Dandelion and Turmeric Root, supports the liver to detoxify chemicals and other substances harmful to the liver and the body. Buy

Acai Liquid Concentrate

(32 oz), NOW Foods

From $14.11 
29% Off
16% Off

NOW Foods Acai Liquid Concentrate is double the strength of competitive products. Reap the benefits of eating these delicious berries. 1 ounce serving daily with zero added sugar. Anti-Aging

Mega Citrimax

(100 capsules), TwinLab

From $16.96 
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20% Off

Two highly concentrated capsules contain 1500 mg of Citrimax (Garcinia Cambogia extract), standardized for 50% (-) Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), plus 200 mcg of Chromium for maximum weight control benefits. 100 capsules

Probiotics For Life

(30 vcaps), Roex

From $23.46 
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33% Off

Pro-Biotics FOR LIFE brings the balance of friendly flora back to your colon for optimal benefits for immune support and overall health. Supports Healthy Immune Function

Floravital Iron Herbs yeast free

( 8.5 oz), Flora Health, Floradix

From $20.36 
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7% Off

Floravital has all the same benefits as the classic iron tonic Floradix, but it's free of the brewer's yeast, gluten and honey. Buy

What about adding Omega-3 for Pets to my pets diet

(16 oz) , Nordic Naturals

Less than $35.66 
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14% Off

Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oil products for Pets are specifically formulated to maximize the health benefits for dog and cat companions. 16 oz

Good Health Complex - Mucuna Pruriens Extract

(120 capsules), Libido Edge Labs

From $25.31 
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29% Off

Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Velvet Bean) helps to increase physical endurance and energy, to promote restful sleep and provides numerous anti-aging benefits. Buy online Today at Seacoast! Libido Edge Labs

Organic Lignan Flax Oil

(32 oz), Barleans Organic Oils

Less than $34.64 
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14% Off

Enjoy the many benefits of essential omega-3 fatty acids and nutrient-rich lignans. Pure, Unfiltered, Unrefined and 100% Organic. Buy Today at! Arthritis

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina

(1000mg|180 tablets), Nutrex Hawaii

Less than $22.39 
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30% Off

Hawaiian Spirulina in a 1000mg 3-per-day formula. Take spirulina for a wide range of benefits including total support for longevity. Boosting Energy Levels

Power4 Organic Juice

(16 oz), Genesis Today

Less than $22.73 
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5% Off

Enjoy the benefits of four popular superfruit juices in one fabulous blend! 100% Certified Organic Power4 by Genesis Today .combines Acai, Goji, Noni and Mangosteen Juices. Detoxification
I have been using Pro-G cream for about 7 years. I had gone to a seminar about womens' health and heard the benefits of natural progesterone. I could not afford the $30.00 a tube so I began to research. I found that all of the necessary ingredients were in the Seacoast Pro-G cream. I suffered from extreme PMS. I started using the cream daily and my next menstruation caught me by surprise! No PMS to let my family and myself know it was coming. When I start running out of cream, my husband makes sure I get more!
I have been using it for 8 days one a day. I did not know what to expect but I am able to sleep better at night wake up refreshed and I have a new calmness about myself. i was only seeking to build up my immunity due to all allergy and sinus problems I experience. Somehow, it has helped me rest and just feel unstressed. I already excercise daily and eat a very healthy diet of protein, veggies, fruit, no caffiene, etc. I am surprised by the additional unexpected benefits of this product.
Jarro Dophilus Ranked #1 in Sales
Jarro-Dophilus Enhanced Probiotic System (EPS) s the best probiotic to promote healthy intestinal microflora and support immune function.

Uva Ursi

, Standardized (60 caps), Nature's Way

From $7.61 
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36% Off

Nature's Way Uva Ursi is an herb that has been used for centuries for its antimicrobial benefits. It has been found to be very effective in naturally supporting urinary tract health. Relieving Water Retention

Vitamin K2 Menatetrenone

(5mg 60 capsules), Carlson Labs

From $16.28 
34% Off
23% Off

The health benefits of Vitamin K2, menatetrenone, extend well beyond the skeletal system. Scientific evidence is now emerging that documents the role of vitamin K - and specifically of Menatetrenone - in protecting cardiovascular health, and the healthy function of the brain. Benefits

Celadrin Complex with Glucosamine

(90 tablets), Doctor's Best

From $14.41 
46% Off
37% Off

CeladrinComplex with Glucosamine demonstrated to provide anti-inflammatory benefits for joints and connective tissues. Increased range of motion, decreased pain and discomfort, support for those who desire to remain active as they age. Joint Surgery


(60 Veg Caps), Enzymatic Therapy

From $11.90 
40% Off
29% Off

A perfect companion to probiotics, Phyto-Biotic contains berberine, from barberry and goldenseal extracts. Clinical studies show that berberine benefits your intestinal flora - the good bacteria for optimal digestion. Buy

Pomegranate Extract Capsules

(30 vegetarian capsules), Life Extension

Less than $14.70 
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24% Off

Pomegranate Extract Capsules - In ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate represents life and regeneration. Its use as an herb dates back more than 3,000 years. But contemporary science has rediscovered the pomegranate's surprising array of benefits. Hormonal Imbalance

Super CLA Blend

Guarana and Sesame Lignans (1000 mg, 120 softgels), Life Extension

Less than $31.50 
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25% Off

Super CLA Blend with Guarana and Sesame Lignans 1000 mg- Researchers have continued to discover CLA's multi-faceted health benefits including its ability to increase lean body mass and help maintain a healthy weight. Gestational Hypertension
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