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Bomba V

(60 tablets), Essential Source
Bomba V (60 tablets) Essential Source

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20% Off

All Natural Formula for Men Essential Source

Chrysin Flavone X

(500mg-30 Vcap), Metabolic Response Modifiers
Chrysin Flavone X (500mg-30 Vcap) Metabolic Response Modifiers

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30% Off

Chrysin is used by European Olympic athletes in the amount of 1-3 grams per day. Anecdotal reports suggest that, in combination with Andro-Surge, Tribulis Terrestris and DHEA, the greatest effects can be achieved. Limiting Conversion Of Testosterone into EstrogenThrough Aromatase Enzyme

Pure Factors Pro IGF T 1100

(30 ml), Pure Solutions
Pure Factors Pro IGF T 1100 (30 ml) Pure Solutions

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Pro IGF T1100 is formulated to provide your body the raw material needed to quickly and naturally regenerate and enhance growth of muscle tissue. Buy Today at! 30 ml

Super Big Blue

(60 capsules), Roex
Super Big Blue (60 capsules) Roex

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Supercharge with Super Big Blue by Roex! Low Testosterone

TestaEdge for Men - Testosterone Therapy Cream

(4 oz), Libido Edge Labs
TestaEdge for Men - Testosterone Therapy Cream (4 oz) Libido Edge Labs

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Testosterone Therapy Cream Formulated for Men with a potent blend of Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed. Buy online Today at Seacoast! Benefits

TestaEdge for Women - Testosterone Therapy Cream

(4 oz), Libido Edge Labs
TestaEdge for Women - Testosterone Therapy Cream (4 oz) Libido Edge Labs

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29% Off

Testosterone Therapy Cream Formulated for Women with a blend of GABA and Damiana Extract. Buy online Today at Seacoast! Low Libido

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Immortale for Men

(90 capsules), Roex
Immortale for Men (90 capsules) Roex

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33% Off

Immortale for Men is a formulation of natural herb and plant extracts designed to assist the body in promoting a healthy reproductive system. 90 capsules


(60 Vcaps), NOW Foods
TestoJack (60 Vcaps) NOW Foods

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30% Off

NOW TestoJack 100 contains a potent standardized extract of Eurycoma longifolia, commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Long Jack. Support male reproductive function and healthy testosterone levels. Tribulus has been included for its virility supporting effects. ZMA, a synergistic combination of zinc and magnesium for the support of healthy immune, reproductive and neuromuscular function. Increases Virility

TribuPlex 750

(60 Vcaps), Metabolic Response Modifiers
TribuPlex 750 (60 Vcaps) Metabolic Response Modifiers

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TribuPlex 750 (60 Vcaps) from MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers) herbal support for balanced testosterone levels. Benefits

DHEA Micronized

(50mg 60 Vcap), Metabolic Response Modifiers
DHEA Micronized (50mg 60 Vcap) Metabolic Response Modifiers

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42% Off

50mg DHEA is recommended for older adults under doctor supervision to enhance testosterone production. Damaging Effects of Aging
This product does seem to raise testosterone levels,having many benefits to it,I will use this product again.

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Super MiraForte with Standardized Lignans

(120 capsules), Life Extension
Super MiraForte with Standardized Lignans (120 capsules)* Life Extension

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Super MiraForte with Standardized Lignans- Low levels of testosterone have been implicated in a host of health problems. Maintaining normal testosterone levels is one of the most important steps men can take to regain their vitality. Buy


(50 mg - 60 tablets), Natrol
DHEA (50 mg - 60 tablets) Natrol

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DHEA (50 mg - 60 tablets) A hormone naturally found in the body that declines with age. DHEA coverts itself into estrogen and testosterone to support overall health and well being. Weak Immune System
In 1999 I had my prostate gland removed because of cancer. By late 2005, my PSA had risen to 15. Needless to say, I have recurrent prostate cancer. I started using Prostasol at four capsules per day and had my PSA checked after two months. It had dropped to 0.3! Four months later, on one capsule per day it had declined to 0.1. My testosterone had also declined to 34 and I suspect this may be at least part of the reason for the PSA decline. The side effects are slight breast enlargement ans slight nipple tenderness. Nevertheless, I will continue to use Prostasol as long as it suppresses PSA so dramatically. It is a good product that actually works with tolerable side effects.
This is the only nonprescription remedy that I know of which actually subdues prostate cancer. Yes, it really does work! I have used it for over two and a half years with excellent results. My PSA was 15 and rapidly rising when I began taking Prostasol. Within two months, my PSA went from 15 to 0.2. My last reading was 0.1. I have tried a 3-month Lupron depot treatment and was not happy with the 20 or so hot flushes per day. With Prostasol there are a few side effects and not everyone experiences them. The most common that I know of are slight breast enlargement and nipple tenderness. For me, those effects have stopped. There is also the possibility of experiencing a drop in testosterone. One of the things I like about Prostasol (It is also known as Quercetin Plus) is that I control the dosage. Currently I take one capsule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I take two on the other days. I can adjust the dosage as needed and even stop for a month or so if I decide to. More information is available from the lively group at natural-prostate-treatments in the Yahoo health groups. It really works!
Endorphigen is the only additive free D-phenylalanine & P5P containing product that I've found on today's market. Remarkably, it confers benefits that no other supplement (or pharmaceutical) can come close to producing. While few of us have been made aware of these facts, the truth is that...while not only can prescription narcotic analgesics/opiods produce tolerance and dependance, their drawbacks don't end there. These drugs suppress immune system functioning, encourage constipation, slow metabolic rate, and undercut our body's manufacture of the very important hormone testosterone (adequate levels of which are important for the health of both males & females alike); on the other hand, when raising the levels of the body's OWN opiod peptides with Endorphigen, the opposite of many of these undesirable effects occur. My clients, athletes, and I have used up to 6 caps a day, and this has allowed me the pleasure of observing an impressive reduction in both acute and chronic physical (and even emotional) pain. Whether the discomfort is due to injury, joint or muscle aches, sunburn, heartbreak, or just good old vigorous exercise, Endorphigen's soothing effects seem truly astounding. In light of the voluminous research backing the safety and efficacy of Endorphigen's ingredients, I am now of the opinion that every household's pantry or medicine cabinet should be stocked with this amazing supplement. And for the exercise enthusiasts among us who look forward to that ever-rewarding runner's/exercise high, there's nothing like using Endorphigen to heighten the experience.

DHEA Complete

(60 Caps) , Life Extension
DHEA Complete (60 Caps) * Life Extension

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25% Off

DHEA Complete from Life Extension contains an effective anti-aging knockout combination of DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA and antioxidants to help restore youthful vitality. Cardiovascular Health
Econugenics Introduces ProstaCaid
Mens Prostate Health Supplement. ProstaCaid from Econugenics is now available. New Clinically Supported Breakthrough for Prostate Health
Sounds like your lifestyle flailny caught up with you. Make some changes.No smoking no beer/ale no booze no drugs. ANY of these can interrupt blood flow to your penis resulting in diminished libido cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.Stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, crappy diet, lack of exercise, some medications can also cause malfunction at the junction.The following article could prove beneficial to you:Improve Sexual Virility (For Guys)Many men suffer from a low sex drive, sexual performance problems, and an overall lack of male virility. These problems can negatively impact a man's self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and the quality of his romantic relationships. However, problems with male virility and sexual functioning can be, in most cases, remedied. What follows is a list of lifestyle, health, and dietary factors that promote strong male virility and improved sexual function and performance.Step 1 GET ADEQUATE SLEEPYour body needs adequate amounts of sleep in order to maximize sexual performance and sexual virility. A lack of sleep is a major cause of low sex drive and/or sexual problems. Strive to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night to increase and maintain sexual virility. Take afternoon rests or naps when possible.Step 2 DE-STRESS REGULARLYChronic stress is toxic to the body and can negatively impact sexual virility and sexual function. Strive to keep stress levels as low as possible in order to maximize not only your health and well-being, but to increase your sexual virility and sex drive. Meditate on a regular basis; do yoga moves in addition to deep breathing exercises to help unwind and de-stress.Step 3 EXERCISE REGULARLYIn addition to improving mental and physical health, regular exercise promotes healthy sexual function and helps to improve sexual virility. Aim to exercise at least 4-5 times per week, incorporating moderate cardiovascular exercise in addition to strength training. Regular exercise promotes healthy blood circulation and increases testosterone and growth hormone levels, all of which promote increased sexual virility and sexual function.Step 4 ELIMINATE JUNK FOODEating a healthy diet promotes physical and emotional health as well as healthy sexual function and virility. A poor diet, one lacking in adequate nutrients and antioxidants, can result in a low sex drive and sexual performance problems, including impotence. Eat a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean cuts of meat and fish, and low-fat dairy to increase sexual virility and improve sexual function.Step 5 ADD GARLIC TO YOUR DIETGarlic is rich in allicin, which can improve blood flow to the sexual organs, which in turn promotes healthy sexual function and strong, hard erections. Cut up some garlic and sprinkle it on your favorite foods. Or take a garlic supplement. Garlic is a sexual super food that can increase your sexual virility.Step 6 ADD AVOCADO TO YOUR DIETAvocados are rich in folic acid and high in vitamin B6, both of which help to regulate sexual hormone function, which in turn helps to optimize sexual health and sexual virility. Add some avocado slices to your salad or on your sandwich.Step 7 EAT A BANANA DAILYBananas are another sexual super food that can help improve sexual function and increase sexual virility. Bananas are high in bromelain and b vitamins, both of which are potent sexual hormone regulators that can help improve sexual function, sexual desire, and sexual virility. Add a banana to your daily diet. Was this answer helpful?

7-Keto Naturalean

(30 caps), Enzymatic Therapy
7-Keto Naturalean (30 caps) Enzymatic Therapy

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30% Off

Enzymatic Therapy 7-Keto Naturalean is a clinically studied dietary supplement to help burn fat & promote weight loss. 30 caps


(100 Caps), Nature's Way

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33% Off

Sarsaparilla (smilax spp) is a tropical herb from Central America brought to Europe by Spanish Conquistadors for use in herbal medicines. Buy

Iodoral IOD-50

(30 Tablets), Optimox Corporation

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13% Off

Iodoral IOD-50 from the Optimox Corporation restores cellular balance & promotes proper hormone production. Optimox Corporation

Iodoral IOD-50

(90 Tablets), Optimox Corporation

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18% Off

Iodoral IOD-50 from the Optimox Corporation restores cellular balance & promotes proper hormone production. Iodoral IOD-50

Prostate Health Clinical Strength

(90 softgels), NOW Foods

From $20.59 
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30% Off

Potent Synergistic Formula Inspired by Science and Developed to Deliver the Pinnacle of Nutritional Support for Healthy Prostate Function. 90 softgels

Prostate Essence

(60 capsules), Pure Essence Labs

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24% Off

Each capsule of Prostate Essence provides more Beta-Sitosterol than a months worth of Saw Palmetto capsules for maximum prostate support BPH
Highly nutritious foods you shuold consider: sprouts, chlorella, spirulina, paprika, turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, garlic, brewers yeast, raw almonds, ground flax seeds chia seeds.For optimal health, I advocate a low carb way of eating. As long as you have <9grams carbs per hour,you will maintain insulin control, which will balance hormones allow your body to function properly. You shuoldn't gain weight, no matter the calories, because insulin (the ONLY fat storage hormone) isn't activated.I personally believe in using fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. Fat is totally benign in the absence of insulin. There aren't enough calories in vegetables fruits to fuel the body, if you get enough calories from carbs to fuel the body, then you maintain an almost constant high insulin level with roller coaster blood glucose levels. I recommend fats from butter, coconut, olives, nuts, fish meats, chia seeds flax seeds.When you restrict higher carb, lower nutrition foods, it becomes much easier to greatly increase vegetables in your diet. Change your mindset just adapt it to low carb -replace bread with lettucereplace pasta with cabbagereplace rice with cauliflowerreplace potatoes with brocolliCarbohydrates trigger insulin (the fat storage hormone). Protein triggers the fat burning hormone glucagon.High carb levels trigger insulin which unbalance other hormones, promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones and allow sex hormones (testosterone in men) human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean muscle will be gained even without exercise. Paprika 1 Tablespoon = 20 cal = 71% DV Vit.A 8% DV Vit.C 10% DV Vit.E 14% DV Vit.B6 9% DV Iron others way too many to list.Brewer's Yeast Powder Two tblspns. provide a whole lot of nutrition! 158% RDA Chromium 90% Selenium 88% B2 80% B1 50% Copper 50% Niacin 40% B6 Chia seeds sound so expensive but 1# will make 10# food has couple lbs. for $16 shipped to you. I buy in bulk (24#) from for $5.83# with free shipping.Chia seeds 3.5 oz is nearly 500 calories, half calories from fat (high in Omega3 fatty acids) 38g fiber 151%DV 16grams of COMPLETE protein for 6grams carbs 63% DV Calcium 95% Phosphorus 23% Zinc 9% Copper 108% Manganese.Faux tapioca 2 cups of water, 5 scoops of low carb whey protein powder, stir together add cup of chia seeds, after they have started to absorb the water, add in 2 cans of coconut milk sweetener if you like and mix it all in. Can be eaten after an hour but will be better tomorrow. Cream a pkg. of cream cheese into a can of pumpkin and add to the faux tapioca for an even more nutritious pumpkin pie pudding.Ground flax seed (4 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, sweetener, cinnamon mix in a raw egg let sit 10 min. to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle nuke 2 minutes. Suggested for daily fiber needs.I make a porridge as suggested by Dr.Mercola low carb whey powder water, I add ground flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, coconut milk, tahini (ground sesame seeds) raw egg. All seeds nuts are raw soaked to germinate them.Flax seed 3.5oz 534 cal 65% calories from fat (high in Omega3 fatty acids) for 2gram carb 27g fiber 109%DV 26% DV Calcium 64% Phosphorus 29% Zinc 61% Copper 124% Manganese 36% Selenium 98% Magnesium 32% Iron 110% Thiamin 9% B2 Riboflavin 15% B3 Niacin 24% Vit.B6 22% Folate 10% Vit.B5.- 39% PotassiumRaw nuts are living and full of the energy of life and shuold be capable of building a tree. Roasted nuts are dead they may still provide some nutrients, but none can compare to the nutrients and enzymes from a live food.Unfortunately, raw does not necessarily mean living.Commercially sold almonds are now required to be pasteurized turning a live food into a dead one. You can not sprout an almond that has been irradiated. I buy my almonds direct from growers off ebay. I get 20# for less than $3# including shipping.Almonds- 3.5oz 575 cal 72% calories from fat for 10gram carb 26% DV Calcium 48% Phosphorus 21% Zinc 50% Copper 114% Manganese 67% Magnesium 21% Iron 14% Thiamin 60% B2 Riboflavin 17% B3 Niacin 131% Vit.E Potassium 20%Sunflower seeds 3.5oz 81% Magnesium 18% Potassium 584 cal -11gram carb 9g fiber 34%DV 8% DV Calcium 66% Phosphorus 33% Zinc 90% Copper 97% Manganese 76% Selenium 29% Iron 99% Thiamin 21% B2 Riboflavin 42% B3 Niacin 67% Vit.B6 57% Folate 11% Vit.B5. 166% Vit.EDried Cilantro 1oz 49% Magnesium 36% Potassium 35% DV Calcium 13% Phosphorus 9% Zinc 25% Copper 89% Manganese 12% Selenium 66% Iron 23% Thiamin 25% B2 Riboflavin 15% B3 Niacin 9% Vit.B6 19% Folate Vit.A 33% vit C 264% 476% Vit.K

Prostate Nutritional Support

(60 softgels), NutriCology

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34% Off

Complex of DIM, saw palmetto, stinging nettles, beta-sitosterol, lycopene and pumpkin seed oil, all of which have been shown to support prostate health. Buy


(25mg 60 Vcap), Metabolic Response Modifiers

From $4.90 
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42% Off

A naturally occurring substance produced by your body, DHEA is a precursor to your body's most powerful hormone, testosterone, as well as a host of other hormones. DHEA and testosterone production drop precipitously as a body ages. Benefits


(25mg 90 Vcap), Metabolic Response Modifiers

From $6.87 
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42% Off

The easy to manage, low dose of DHEA may be just the pick-me-up for your body that you've been needing. DHEA is a natural precursor to your body's own testosterone production. DHEA

Doctors Choice Men

(90 tabs), Enzymatic Therapy

From $14.28 
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29% Off

Superior multivitamin provides essential nutrients for masculine functions. The formula includes high-quality herbal extracts such as Muira puama, which helps improve libido and sexual function and ginseng, which helps support healthy testosterone levels. Benefits

Classic Saw Palmetto

(180 tablets), Planetary Herbals

From $21.17 
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30% Off

Planetary Herbals Saw Palmetto Classic is a comprehensive formula designed to support the prostate. Saw palmetto berries and pygeum contain a unique class of fatty acids that have the ability to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the prostate. This compound utilizes standardized and concentrated amounts of saw palmetto and pygeum along with pumpkin seed oil, a rich source of zinc which is necessary for prostate health. In addition, these are combined with other key botanicals known to support a healthy genitourinary system. 180 tablets

Pure Rip wDIM

(60 tabs), Enzymatic Therapy

From $29.84 
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29% Off

Formerly called Indoplex, the hormone balancing benefits of Pure Rip, featuring DIM, in strength training and bodybuilding programs provide ultimate health support for increased lean muscle and improved physical conditioning. Aging

7 Keto

(60 caps), Enzymatic Therapy

From $13.56 
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30% Off

Enzymatic Therapy 7-Keto enhances the immune system and memory through an improved form of DHEA. Mood Support

Wellness Fish Oil

(120 caps), Champion Nutrition

From $10.16 
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7% Off

Fish Oil supplements can help you enhance performance by increasing energy, promoting muscle growth, and improving recovery. 120 caps

ZMA Plus

(120 Vcaps), Natural Sport

From $25.46 
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23% Off

Natural Sport's ZMA Plus when used in conjunction with the Natural Sport fitness plan, boosts stamina, increases muscle size and enhances muscle tone. Muscle Support

Glutamine Ultra Pure

(700 g), VPX Sports

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20% Off

VPX Sports nutrition supplements advance you to the next level of fitness while achieving your goals to either lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve endurance, or speed up muscle recovery. Buy

Urixin BPH Symptom Relief Formula

(60 capsules) ProVantex Prostate Supplement, BioAdvantex Pharma

Less than $21.95 
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URIXIN is formulated to effectively support urinary and prostate health using Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol and Vitamin E. Buy Today at! Reducing Inflammation Around the Prostate Gland

7 Keto DHEA 25mg

(100 softgels), Seacoast Vitamins

From $18.99 
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29% Off

7-Keto DHEA 25mg 100softgels-helps improve lean body mass. Improving Skin Tone


(50 mg 60 capsules), Life Extension

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25% Off

DHEA (50 mg 60 capsules)* Improve sexual Function


(dehydroepiandrosterone) (25 mg 100 dissolving tablets), Life Extension

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25% Off

DHEAs various benefits, including immunomodulatory properties as well as positive effects on mood, quality of life, and body composition. It has been proposed that restoring the circulating levels of DHEA to those found in young people may improve well-being and sexual function. Strengthens Immune System Response


(dehydroepiandrosterone) (100 mg 60 caps), Life Extension

Less than $16.88 
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24% Off

DHEAs various benefits, including immunomodulatory properties as well as positive effects on mood, quality of life, and body composition. It has been proposed that restoring the circulating levels of DHEA to those found in young people may improve well-being and sexual function. Improve Mood


(60 Vcaps), Country Life

From $7.82 
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38% Off

Country Life Pregnenolone contains 30 mg of Phamaceutically Pure Pregnenolone with Ascorbyl Palmitate supporting, hormone balance, vision, memory and energy levels. 60 Vcaps
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