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Quercetin Strength

(60 tablets), MegaFood
Quercetin Strength (60 tablets)* MegaFood

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19% Off

Severe allergy sufferers who supplement with Quercetin Strength from Megafood often report enjoying a healthy and more comfortable allergy season. Relieve allergies the natural way! Asthma

Aller Max with Quercetin NAC

(50 Capsule - Veg), Country Life
Aller Max with Quercetin & NAC (50 Capsule - Veg) Country Life

From $9.35 
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38% Off

Aller-Max provides a scientifically advanced formula, containing Vitamin C, Quercetin, Bromelain and NAC combined with a synergistic herbal complex, which is designed to provide support in our seasonally changing environment. Country Life

Quercetin Bromelain

(180 caps), Doctor's Best
Quercetin Bromelain (180 caps) Doctor's Best

From $29.71 
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12% Off

Quercetin-Bromelain formulated by Doctor's Best in support of cardiovascular and joint wellness plus a healthy immune response. Buy

Quercetin Bioflavonoids

(100 Vcaps), NutriCology
Quercetin Bioflavonoids (100 Vcaps) NutriCology

From $12.75 
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28% Off

Quercetin extracted from a non-citrus source and other bioflavonoids extracted from lemon are found in the classical bioflavonoid group of nutritional supplements. Provides nutritional support for the vascular system

Quercetin Bromelain

(60 caps), Doctor's Best
Quercetin Bromelain (60 caps) Doctor's Best

From $14.37 
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Quercetin-Bromelain formulated by Doctor's Best in support of cardiovascular and joint wellness plus a healthy immune response. May Benefit Respiratory System Health

Quercetin Bioflavonoid Complex

(90 Caps), Natural Factors
Quercetin Bioflavonoid Complex (90 Caps)* Natural Factors

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40% Off

Natural Factors Quercetin capsules are enhanced with Citrus Bioflavonoids, Bromelain and Rutin. Enhancing Immune Function

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Quercetin Plus Bioflavonoids

(60 capsules), Natural Factors
Quercetin Plus Bioflavonoids (60 capsules)* Natural Factors

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Natural Factors Quercetin capsules are enhanced with Citrus Bioflavonoids, Bromelain and Rutin. Natural Factors

Activated Quercetin

(333 mg 200 caps), Source Naturals
Activated Quercetin (333 mg 200 caps) Source Naturals

From $31.09 
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40% Off

Activated Quercetin is a unique bioflavonoid derived from plant sources. In human cell culture studies, quercetin has been shown to inhibit histamine release. Benefits

Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol

(80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase), Seacoast Natural Health
Quercetin Plus formerly known as Prostasol (80 Caps) (2 bottle minimum purchase) Seacoast Natural Health

From $63.75 
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The formula includes a broad range of natural extracts which have been used with prostate cancer patients and have been under research and long-term study by Dr. Ben Pfeifer, M.D. Lowering PSA

Aller Max

(100 Caps), Country Life
Aller Max (100 Caps) Country Life

From $17.26 
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38% Off

Country Life AllerMax Caps is a comprehensive allergy formula with quercetin and NAC. Respiratory Health
I have significantly reduced my PSA readings using Quercetin Plus. My readings had been cosistently increasing each month until I started taking Quercetin PLus. My readings immediately stopped the increase and have come back down to a more acceptable level. I beleive Querctin Plus has been the factor in the good news for me. The use of Quercetin Plus was suggested by my Oncologist after trying some prescription medicine. Give it a try.
I have significantly reduced my PSA readings using Quercetin Plus. My readings had been cosistently increasing each month until I started taking Quercetin PLus. My readings immediately stopped the increase and have come back down to a more acceptable level. I beleive Querctin Plus has been the factor in the good news for me. The use of Quercetin Plus was suggested by my Oncologist after trying some prescription medicine. Give it a try.
Quercetin Plus/Prostasol is the main product in our successful campaign to reduce my husbands PSA and keep it under control. Seacoast service is very fast and reliable.
My doctor recommended I use Quercetin Plus. I just recently started using it, have not had another PSA test yet, therefore I will comment after next test.

Rutin 500 mg

(100 vcaps), NOW Foods
Rutin 500 mg (100 vcaps) NOW Foods

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Rutin is a flavonoid glycoside also called rutoside, quercetin-3-rutinoside and sophorin. NOW provides Rutin derived from a non-citrus source. Rutin, like quercetin, supports blood vessel integrity, bowel health, and promotes a healthy inflammation response.* Supports Vascular Health

Esterol Ester-C with Bioflavonoids

(100 Vcaps), NutriCology
Esterol Ester-C with Bioflavonoids (100 Vcaps) NutriCology

From $19.33 
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34% Off

A customized formulation of Ester-C with bioflavonoids. Esterol also provides 3 types of bioflavonoids - quercetin, rutin, and proanthocyanidins. Esterol Ester-C with Bioflavonoids
Having a PSA of 106 ten weeks ago my PSA is at presend 48, thanks to Quercetin Plus from Dr Donsbach ,I have used other products but not eny results as good as Quercetn .

DAO Histamine Digester with Bioflavonoids

(60 capsules), NutriCology
DAO Histamine Digester with Bioflavonoids (60 capsules)* NutriCology

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30% Off

New formula providing relief from symptoms of food intolerance. Delivers patented clinically tested ingredient Diamine Oxidase (DAOsin) enhanced with Quercetin and Rutin. Enjoy food again! Benefits
I first heard or Quercetin from one of my wifes patients. He had been using Quercetin for 4 years and has succesfully kept his PSA at <.06. I started one pill a day and mine also went to that same level, no worries I will go up to two pills. I have not figured out why the doctors don't really want to research this but they don't. This is one time where Herbal medicene rules. It helps when you have a nurse for wife who has a cousin that is a pharmasist. If you have a high PSA try this what do you have to lose?
I AWAYS HAVE HAD HIGH PSA NUMBERS ,I have been on Quercetin Plus for three months and my PSA went from 11.4 to .77 and all my other symptoms improved. I could not be more pleased. I'm 64 years old and will be on this product for a long time. thank you
I thank you for your promptness. I received your sending (only 1 bottle Quercetin Plus- sorry for my misunderstanding).I took in this morning the first dose and I hope will be well.I promise you to report any progress. Best regards, Petrica J.


(80 softgels), Irwin Naturals

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Inflamma-Less formula promotes mobility, flexibility and joint comfort using enzymes and Ayurvedic herbs. Bromelain, Quercetin,Chymotrypsin, Papain, Pancreatin, Trypsin are blended with Indian Frankincense, Ginger, Tumeric to provide effective support for healthy muscle tissues. Inflamma-less

Vision Optimizer

(90 capsules), Jarrow Formulas

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Vision Optimizer is formulated to protect and support healthy visual function. Contains: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract, Grape Seed Extract , Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Vitamin B2, Ginkgo Biloba Extract andQuercetin. Benefits
When I started using Quercetin Plus about 4 months ago, my PSA was 75.6. After 4 months, it was 32.5. My doctor recommended that I try it since he had a patient whose PSA went to zero. I am going to have another PSA test in November and am hoping it goes down even further. I will write another review at that time to let everyone know the outcome.
After taking Quercetin + for 14 days my psa dropped from 11.3 to 8.2. During that time I averaged 2 capsules a day. I will continue taking 1 per day and monitor my psa. After the 2nd day I noticed a huge improvement in my urinary functions. Most pain and urgency was gone. The only side effect that I have noticed so far is a very slight tenderness in my nipples. Concerning the service from Seacoast, it is the best I have ever experienced from any on-line retailer. On the 3rd day after I placed the order, the package was in my mailbox. I highly recommend this product.
Prostasol/Quercetin Plus has done a great job in holding my PSA to insignificant numbers for many years, at times with as few as 2 capsules per day. I have also taken as many as 12 a day when cancer has become more aggressive and it continues to lower my PSA. Rarely there have been batches that have not worked, but it has been quite consistently potent over the last few years. I was diagnosed in 2/92 with a PSA of 14 and a gleason of 5.

Elan Vital Multiple

(90 tabs), Source Naturals

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Elan Vital Multiple is a Bio-Aligned Formula that is unique in two ways. It contains critical nutrients not found in typical multiples to support the primary body systems: the brain, heart, liver, immune and musculoskeletal systems, energy generation and antioxidant defense. Furthermore it provides most nutrients in the higher potencies often recommended by holistic health professionals.Elan Vital Multiple is a potent source of antioxidants including quercetin silymarin grape seed extract ginkgo and bilberry extract. Buy
Econugenics Introduces ProstaCaid
Mens Prostate Health Supplement. ProstaCaid from Econugenics is now available. New Clinically Supported Breakthrough for Prostate Health
I was on Quercetin Plus / Prostasol about 12 months ago to assist in keeping my PSA at a low level, then for some reason, it was not available from my usual supplier. Later on, I thankfully found Seacoast Vitamins on the Internet who stocked Prostasol, and on placing an order with them, they had my package on the doorstep in Australia within 7 days. Have been having the recommended dose now for the past 2 weeks, and today I had a PSA Test and the reading had gone from 25.70 to 11.50 in that short time, which is extremely pleasing for me. (Have printouts of the tests performed) Will keep you updated with future tests. Thanks again for your prompt service.
I have had surgery to remove my Prostate. After the surgery my PSA was 2.7. My doctor wanted to continue treating the residual cancer with hormone shots...a shot every three/four months at a cost of approx. $2,000.00 per shot for 3-5 years. The time between the surgery and my first visit back to my doctor, I found Prostasol/Quercetin on the internet. Within 10 days my PSA was reduced to 0.7 and within a month it was reduced to less than 0.1. That was 4 years 6 months ago and my PSA is still l/t 0.1. I am looking forward to celebrating my 5th year of having a 0.1 or less PSA in June 2008. My only wish is that I had found this product before I agreed to the surgery.
I had this supplement recommended by a medical doctor. He is also deeply involved in research and nutritional medicine. He mentioned that "Quercetin Plus Prostasol is my secret weapon, my heavy gun" (he called it).. I found and purchased the supplement and my PSA (according to my doctor) is hardly detectable, so low, not even a factor. I have been taking this supplement for three months and although the supplement is a bit expensive (close to a dollar a capsule), it is worth every penny. I highly recommend it if you've had ANY problems with your prostate and PSA exams. I live in a little town north of Orlando, Florida, I am a white male 61 years old and my name is Louie...
Hi from Australia. Diagnosd at age 59 with psa 32, gleason 4+4=8,with mets to the bones. Also diagnosed with renal cancer. Twelve months on HT psa fell to 1.0, but all the usual side effects. Had 50% bad kidney removed; seems ok now. Started on Prostasol, ok for 12 months but received a "faulty batch" of Prostasol and psa leapt to 13.5. Repeated HT (Lucrin) with Cosudex and Proscar for 13 months (a la Leibowitz protacol), and psa dropped to 0.1. Started taking Quercetin Plus and psa has remained less than 0.1. Sore tits and big ones, but I am still standing. No apparent spread to bone mets. Seacoast is efficient, especially in delivery to Aus. Keep up the good work!
I purchased this product for my father who is 83 yo and was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. his psa post radiation came down to 1.5 along with the use of lupron depot and casodex; however, the psa started to elevate at a very high velocity and went to 80.2. the oncologist recommended the use of some natural product to reduce psa and thats when i discovered the quercetin/prosasol. after six and a half week at 2 cap twice daily dosing, his psa dropped 10 points to 70.2 and the oncologist is very happy with the results. we will continue the regimen and will recheck psa in 3 months. lets prey it will come down at a nice rate. God Bless and my best wishes to all... Sincerely,,,, Majid.A Pharm.D


(60 mg-60 tabs), Source Naturals

From $12.22 
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40% Off

GlucosaMend is a comprehensive natural product available for tissue repair and joint flexibility. It is the first product to incorporate both N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine sulfate, two key amino sugars which are critical components of virtually all connective tissue and lubricating fluids in the body. It also contains well-known soothing herbal extracts such as boswellia, grape seed extract, and quercetin. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium are needed for protection against free radicals and for the normal growth and repair of body tissues. GlucosaMend can be used by seniors, athletes, or anyone wanting to support normal tissue repair function. Buy
. I withdrew the rveiew, but upon reflection I've regretted my decision to do so. Whether or not the product worked for an individual is necessarily personal and anecdotal, one person's report. It's hardly a matter for disagreement unless the responder is intent upon promoting an agenda. All of the FRS products have ingredients likely to be familiar to users of energy drinks, powders, supplements, and bites: sugar, corn syrup, fructose, caffeine, green tea extract. The drink also offers the MDR for key vitamins along with antioxidant activity from the green tea leaves and, most importantly, quercetin, a bioflavanoid that is used in red wine replacement capsules as a highly potent free radical scavenger. While quercetin is widely recognized as an effective blood toner, conditioner, and bad cholesterol reducer, FRS is prominently promoting it as an energizer, capable of extending the body's natural adrenaline and removing the oxidants that cause fatigue. A controversial statement, backed by little controlled studies, especially if the inference is that quercetin will provide an immediate lift. Of course, FRS points out that it's not simply the individual ingredients that provide increased energy but an optimal, catalytic combination that promotes thermogenesis, increases metabolic rate, and helps the body make efficient use of carbohydrates. So it's possible the product has worked for many (besides Mr. Armstrong). If so, testimonials on its behalf deserve to be taken seriously by any curious, health-minded individuals. The powdered drink mix perhaps makes the most sense to start with, and the chewy bites the least (the sugar in the bites actually had a paradoxical effect, momentarily enervating rather than energizing me). The drink is flavorable enough, with a convincing fresh-fruitish tang, and not overly sweet. But in my case it did not counteract either the late-morning or late-afternoon crashes and obviate the need for that extra expresso or two. If you choose to try the product, be exceptionally careful about the apparently generous internet offer, endorsed by Mr. Armstrong, of a complete sample kit of the products sent free of charge (with the exception of postage and handling costs). The merchandising tactics of FRS are practically antithetical to the full-disclosure, consumer-centric policies of a site like Amazon. (If Bezos offered everyone a free Kindle, saying it's yours to keep if you don't like it, I'd have full confidence in his offer; FRS employs more deceptive, misleading tactics that could result in your admittance to a pricey club before you even realized you were a member.) So put Lance Armstrong and his company (he's part owner) to the test, but order the products through Amazon to avoid unwanted hassle, hustle and hype. If you decide the product is for you, then is the time to inquire into the benefits of being a member of the club.
Promeva | Simple Tips for Breast Health
Natures Way Promeva, a unique natural supplement to help support healthy breast tissue. Promeva is Clinical Strength Breast Health Protection.
This is the only nonprescription remedy that I know of which actually subdues prostate cancer. Yes, it really does work! I have used it for over two and a half years with excellent results. My PSA was 15 and rapidly rising when I began taking Prostasol. Within two months, my PSA went from 15 to 0.2. My last reading was 0.1. I have tried a 3-month Lupron depot treatment and was not happy with the 20 or so hot flushes per day. With Prostasol there are a few side effects and not everyone experiences them. The most common that I know of are slight breast enlargement and nipple tenderness. For me, those effects have stopped. There is also the possibility of experiencing a drop in testosterone. One of the things I like about Prostasol (It is also known as Quercetin Plus) is that I control the dosage. Currently I take one capsule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I take two on the other days. I can adjust the dosage as needed and even stop for a month or so if I decide to. More information is available from the lively group at natural-prostate-treatments in the Yahoo health groups. It really works!
EcoNugenics Developed New Formula For Complete Breast Health
Womens Health Supplement BreastDefend from Econugenics is now available. Lowest Price at Seacoast Vitamins.

Joint Fuel

(120 capsules), TwinLab

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20% Off

TWINLAB brings you products that are based on the latest science, and are manufactured to the highest level pharmaceutical standards. Vitamins, Minerals, Sports Nutrition Products, Special Formulas & Amino Acids. TWINLAB. Answers. For Life. Buy

Allergy Health

(120 caps), Ultra Laboratories

Less than $29.08 
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11% Off

Formulated by doctors to improve symptoms of allergy related conditions caused by airbourn pollutants, animal dander, dust, pollen and related allergens. 100% additive free and gluten-free. Reducing allergic symptoms
Elderberry-Syrup | Effective Cold and Flu Remedy
Elderberry-Syrup Encourages Healthy Upper Respiratory and Enhances Overall Immune Functions.


(90 softgels), Irwin Naturals

From $19.07 
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16% Off

Prosta-Strong is a comprehensive formula developed to support short and long term prostate health.* This multi-nutrient blend includes the combination of scientifically researched herbs and minerals to uniquely support prostate health. Benefits

Bioflavonoid Complex

(60 tabs), Source Naturals

From $6.10 
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40% Off

Source Naturals Bioflavaniod Complex contains standardized botanical extracts with free radical scavenging properties. Often referred to as "specialty bioflavonoids," they are high-quality antioxidants. Buy

Noni 450 mg Hawaiian

(90 vcaps), NOW Foods

From $11.20 
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26% Off

Noni grows extensively throughout the South Pacific, and was at one time the most widely used medicinal plant in the region. This evergreen shrub grows especially well in the rich volcanic ash of Hawaii. However, Noni is most famous for the presence of an alkoloid proxeronine, which is believed to be a precursor to xeronine. Diabetes

Prostate Health Clinical Strength

(90 softgels), NOW Foods

From $20.59 
41% Off
30% Off

Potent Synergistic Formula Inspired by Science and Developed to Deliver the Pinnacle of Nutritional Support for Healthy Prostate Function. Buy

Keratin Booster with Biotin Resveratrol

(60 caps), ReserveAge Organics

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28% Off

Scientific breakthrough creates the next generation in healthy hair, skin and nails nutrition. Keratin Booster with Biotin and Resveratrol utilizes the latest innovation in Beauty from Within supplementation. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Prostate Complete

(16 oz), Buried Treasure

From $16.53 
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22% Off

Buried Treasure developed Men's Prostate Complete to help balance men's hormone levels, prevent inflammation and swelling, improve circulatory and urinary functions, and support a healthy prostate gland. Improve Urinary Functions

MaxiVision Whole Body

(120 Caps), MedOp Inc

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MaxiVision Whole Boby by Medical Opthalmics Inc. provides antioxidant and nutritional support for healthy eye function and overall health. It reduces macular degeneration and promotes good vision while protecting the eyes from the effects of aging. MaxiVision Whole Body

AB Multi Complex

(90 capsules), American Biologics

From $16.58 
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26% Off

Ultra Multiplex Advanced from American Biologics is a professionally formulated dietary supplement which includes a complete and potent array of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Men's Health

Olive Leaf Complex

(16 oz), Barleans Organic Oils

From $28.69 
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7% Off

More than an extract and better than dried and processed pills, Barleans Olive Leaf Complex contains a broad spectrum of beneficial olive leaf actives resulting in a powerful synergy for your vibrant health and energy. 16 oz

Advanced One Multiple

(No Iron) (60 tabs), Source Naturals

From $15.28 
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40% Off

Iron-free version of Source Naturals Advanced One, for those concerned with their consumption of iron. Advanced One Multiple


(90 tabs), Source Naturals

From $18.61 
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40% Off

Inflama-Rest is a Bio-Aligned formula which may ease joint function and support comfortable movement via inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme. It also addresses additional factors shown in scientific research to influence muscle and joint comfort: nuclear factor-kappa B activity, leukotriene regulation and nitric oxide production. Inflama-Rest helps protect cells from free radical damage and is specially formulated with adaptogenic herbs and minerals which may help reduce muscle tension associated with physical and emotional stress. Benefits

Gastrocort II

(90 Vcaps), NutriCology

From $16.12 
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34% Off

Designed to support the integrity of the epithelial lining of the GI tract.* N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and L-glutamine are building blocks for the GI mucosal lining. Additional supportive nutrients possess antioxidant properties and the bioflavonoid rutin has an affinity for capillary tissues. Protecting the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract (GI tract).


(90 Vcaps), NutriCology

From $31.26 
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34% Off

A patented formula to support neurotransmitter levels and enhance healthy moods and sound sleep. Supporting healthy mood

Longevity Mens Formula

(120 tabs), Pure Essence Labs

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This product is for men who want their multiple to provide the broadest possible protection against the dangers their cells face in the modern world. 120 tabs

ProFema The Menopause Multiple

(120 tabs), Pure Essence Labs

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Contains a full spectrum, Whole Foods based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, a Complete Skeletal Support System and a Unique Menopause Herbal product, making ProFema the most complete menopause supplement ever offered. ProFema The Menopause Multiple

ORAC-Energy Greens

(60 day 364 g), Paradise Herbs

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41% Off

Award winning ORAC-Energy Greens by Paradise Herb contains over 42 certified organic and pesticide free ingredients, including highly bioavailable juice powders, aqua superfoods, freeze-dried berries and veggies, immune-supporting mushrooms, stress harmonizing adaptogens, probiotics,as well as, ecologically wild crafted and/or naturally grown herbal concentrates. Buy the 'King of Greens' today with the antioxidant power of 24 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Poor Diet


(1 lb), Natural Factors

Less than $24.47 
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29% Off

A full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and protein. A blend of intestinal and liver friendly antioxidants and phytochemicals. Improving Digestion

OcuDyne II

, New Improved Formula (200 VCaps ), NutriCology

From $31.01 
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34% Off

OcuDyne II New and Improved Formula adds natural vitamin E mixed tocopherols high in gamma-tocopherol and tocotrienols, vitamin D, alpha-lipoic acid and lycopene to the existing formula. Superior support to the structural integrity and function of the eye


(200 Vcaps), NutriCology

From $29.94 
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34% Off

The nutrients contained within each of the OcuDyne formulas support the structure and various functions of the eye.* OcuDyne contains prime antioxidants, key amino acids, minerals, bioflavonoids, and extracts of Ginkgo biloba and Bilberry (Viccinium myrtillus). OcuDyne

ORAC-Energy Protein Greens

(16 oz), Paradise Herbs

From $22.65 
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46% Off

Great tasting ORAC-Energy Protein & Greens delivers 22 grams of vegan protein plus the antioxidant power of over 24 servings of fruits and vegetables. Independantly tested and rated with a total ORAC score of over 40,000. Featuring 100% natural non-GMO Kosher and Halal certified pea protein isolate and over 42 certified organic and pesticide free ingredients. 100% Vegan. Enzyme Enhanced Formula Improves Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Able Eyes

(90 soft gels), Carlson Labs

From $39.06 
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23% Off

Dr. recommended Able Eyes provides both lutein and DHA in one easy to swallow soft gelatin capsule. Able Eyes

Fatigued to Fantastic! Energy Revitalization System with B Complex

(Citrus Delight 30-day), Enzymatic Therapy

From $29.84 
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29% Off

Daily nutritional powerhouse, developed by recognized fatigue expert Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, providing nutritional support to help build all-day energy and endurance in one scoop of drink mix. Heart Disease


Quercetin (500 mg, 150 tablets), Carlson Labs

From $30.40 
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23% Off

Promote healthy circulation with Rutin by Carlson Labs. Each tablet delivers 500 mg of Rutin known to enhance the power of vitamin C. Quercetin
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