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(90 tabs), Source Naturals
Inflama-Rest (90 tabs) Source Naturals

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Inflama-Rest is a Bio-Aligned formula which may ease joint function and support comfortable movement via inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme. It also addresses additional factors shown in scientific research to influence muscle and joint comfort: nuclear factor-kappa B activity, leukotriene regulation and nitric oxide production. Inflama-Rest helps protect cells from free radical damage and is specially formulated with adaptogenic herbs and minerals which may help reduce muscle tension associated with physical and emotional stress. Source Naturals

4X Trim Weight Loss Extract

(4 oz), Essential Source
4X Trim Weight Loss Extract (4 oz) Essential Source

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4X Trim combines Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones and African Mango for extreme weight loss. Green Coffee Bean

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Well. I always magnae to stay trim while injured and my method is if you have a sprained ankle you:Definately lay off the cardio but that doesn't mean you can't excersise and burn calories. You can still burn calories by doing various weight excercises (While sitting down if prefered) with dumbells etc. Or try different variations of crunches and core/abdominal excersises so that your ankle is in a comfortable position. Peform the excersises more with speed than weight as this will speed up your metabolic rate which means you burn fat.Or if your feeling a bit lazy you can:Stay to do the diet side and speed up your metabolic rate by just diet.Your diet should consist of 6 (small) meals a day. You should eat less carbohydrate because your body burns things in the order of:. Carbohydrate. Fat. ProteinSo eat more fat than carbs so you can get straight down to burning fat (Remember! eating fat prevents from storing it). But do not eat too much fat, and just the healthy fat, I'm not telling you to stuff your face with McDonalds. Eat foods such asNutsAvacadosOlive oilSlim meatand stay away from processed foods and saturated fat. Mono un-saturated fats and poly un-saturated fats are ok (check on the back of food packaging for fats)Try both methods if you want. I do.So this is all the info i can give as it helped me. One more thing . Drink about 8 or more Large glasses of water a day. Drinking alot of water is the key.VERY IMPORTANT.I hope this helps

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7-KETO Trim

(60 Capsule), Country Life
7-KETO Trim (60 Capsule) Country Life

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Three Times More Effective Than Diet And Exercise Alone! Benefits
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